Contact information
Farm Address:
38 Van Road
lexington, New York, 12452

Primary Contact: Anne Hall
Primary Phone:
    Number: 9176266385


Internship information
General Farm Description: Crespell is a small non-certified organic flower farm nestled in the Catskill Mountains 2.5 hours north of NYC. We are committed to principles of permaculture and regenerative farming. We are interested in creating a sustainable farm at every level, from the team building, to the financial success to the environmental impact we have on our land, our community and the flower industry as a whole. We grow flowers that stop us in our tracks. We grow flowers to connect with the awe and wonder of that experience. We grow flowers because it tethers us to the weather, the seasons and we enjoy feeling those constraints viscerally. And, we grow flowers because growing anything fulfills those most basic desires to nurture, to sweat, to pay attention. We think there is nothing more worthy of our attention than plants. Our 155-acre property is tucked between a mountain and a river which gives us the fertility of a flood plain and the cool temperatures in which our flowers thrive. Our stone farmhouse, which drew us to this site, was built in 1783 by the Crespell family. It is they who give us our name. Crespell is committed to offering the freshest most stunning flowers we can grow using only organic inputs. We are also committed to using our business to provide good jobs at fair pay, housing in a beautiful rural place that is inaccessible to renters and a sanctuary where women, queers and folks underrepresented in farming can butch out and let their freak flags fly. We prioritize workplace diversity at every level. We hope to use our business as a way to create community, offer hard but fulfilling jobs that re-connect people with land, climate and the natural world and its fascinating processes. We also want to be a part of the movement to bring local flowers back to the US and chip away at the unsustainable environmental impact of imported chemical-laden flowers that makes up the majority of the US flower industry. To make the biggest environmental difference and to have the opportunity to grow truly exquisite flowers, we serve mostly high-end local designers with thousands of stems/week. In addition to this, we have our own 40-person CSA and supply an additional CSA that delivers to NYC (currently a small part of our program). We also take on a handful of DIY weddings per season to help offset our annual costs. To all who support us, the workers and the buyers, the folks who partner with us for housing and the town, thank you for helping us to be good stewards of our community and the natural world and for supporting a queer women-owned business. We hope to share this bounty with you.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4/1/22
Internship Ends: 11/18/22
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: 3/1/22
Minimum Length of Stay: 7 months

Internship Details:

2 -3 positions


· Competitive, energetic work ethic and manual dexterity

· Ability to combine fun + efficiency

· Highly adaptable, ingenuitive and resilient

· Punctual, consistent, joyful, honest

· Good communicator. Takes initiative to speak up when there is an issue. Ability to receive feedback and follow both oral and written instructions.

· Fast learner and strong desire to learn organic flower farming

· Valid drivers license

· Excited to butch out and lift 50+ lbs

· Ability to do repetitive work happily

· Willingness to address interpersonal challenges and prioritize the strength of the crew and the farm.

· Willingness to put farm first and job first for the season. This means prioritizing community experience, scheduling personal appointments outside of work hours and taking care of your body throughout the season, as this is a highly physical position.

· Willingness to work in all kinds of weather (and willingness to allocate funds for the gear to do it comfortably – 2-3 pairs gloves, rain pants, rain jacket, water-proof boots are all essential)

· Willingness to speak up and voice concerns as they arise

· Queer or queer ally

We offer:

· $800-1000/month stipend + $1000 year-end bonus (36 hr work week). Interns are essentially volunteers who have their basic living expenses covered. This is not a waged position. We hope to make this position as accessible as possible so we have secured housing, a stipend and require no experience from you 🙂

· Local accommodations in historic farmhouse that is being converted into housing for crews from area local organic farms. The farmhouse is a 3 minute drive/10 min bike ride from farm. You will have a smaller private or larger shared bedroom and access to all common spaces, all utilities, high-speed internet, parking, access to laundry.

· 2 paid sick days, 2 unpaid vacation days per season

You will learn:

Best practices for individual tasks. Contribute to shaping the efficiency, productivity and joyful vibe of the farm.

You will be expected to: Keep pace with Field Manager and Field Crew and work both independently and as a group. Take part in all aspects of growing including but not limited to: transplanting, seeding, pruning, pinching, growing, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pest control, harvesting, conditioning and prep for weekly deliveries and pickups, among other things. Manage temperatures in tunnels with opening and closing, covering and uncovering. Net, corral and train plants for optimal growth. Maintain clean and functional workspaces. Take part in small construction/repair projects throughout the season.

Weekly Schedule:

· M, T, Th, Fr 730am-4pm at Crespell (1 hr lunch)

· Wednesday 8—12pm Wednesdays are maintenance and delivery day when you have time to work on repairs, make deliveries and take on self-directed projects.

· Saturday / Sunday OFF

Educational Opportunities: The internship is an educational opportunity in itself. Plus, several off-farm and online workshops sponsored by Crespell and completed during regular hours throughout the season.

Skills Desired: No specific work experience necessary for this position. Just a desire to learn!

Meals: All meals while on-farm are provided. Typically this is breakfast and lunch and snacks.

Stipend: Absolutely. $800-$1000 / month plus $325/month towards housing (we have shared housing with a private bedroom for you at this rate within biking distance of the farm).

Housing: Yes. We have secured a room for you at a farmhouse about a mile from our farm. This housing is what is offered. If you choose to find your own housing or already have housing, we will apply this amount to your stipend.

Preferred method of Contact: email