Diversified farming internship or apprenticeship at Runnymede Farm with Rogue Farm Corps

Contact information
Farm Address:
Rogue Farm Corps, Rogue Valley Chapter
Rogue River, Oregon, 97537

Primary Contact: Rogue Farm Corps
Primary Phone:
    Number: 541-588-3550
    Email: training@roguefarmcorps.org

Website: https://www.roguefarmcorps.org/host-farms/runnymede

Internship information
General Farm Description: Runnymede Farm is a diverse, bio-intensive farm located in the beautiful Evans Valley of Southern Oregon, just outside the town of Rogue River, and a scant 2 miles from the river. The land was a former Christmas Tree farm and now supports a good stand of Douglas Fir trees. The farm is operated by husband and wife team, Arthur and Teri. Together they have over 25 years of farming and marketing experience. They have been on the farm since 1999. They raised two sons on the farm, who are now grown and live nearby but do not farm. Teri and Arthur are independent, liberally minded people who still hold many old-fashioned values. Although they describe themselves as spiritual, they practice no form of organized religion. They appreciate the farming lifestyle, support sustainability above the dogma of education and belief, and appreciate hard work, those souls that do it, and believe it can be enjoyable and should not be shunned or avoided. One of the foundations of nature is variety, and as such, Runnymede Farm also welcomes all souls committed to tolerance, non-violence, and ethical and moral human values.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 3/1/22
Internship Ends: 11/18/22
Number of Internship Available: 2 internship or 2 apprenticeship positions, part or full time depending on applicant
Application Deadline: Priority consideration 1/27/22, applications open until positions are filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 6-8 months

Internship Details:

Runnymede is a participating host farm in Rogue Farm Corps’ internship and apprenticeship programs.

RFC’s Internship Program provides connections to existing farm operations for aspiring farmers who want to gain significant farming or ranching production experience and don’t have a lot of previous exposure. The Internship Program is an entry/intermediate-level, immersive program that combines hands-on training with skills-based education. No experience is required to apply, however some host farms do prefer applicants have some previous outdoor or physical work experience.

RFC Internship programs are based in two distinct geographic chapter locations in Oregon: Rogue Valley and Portland Metro.

Weekly hours and start/end dates vary by host farm (please see host farm descriptions for details). In addition to the on-farm training experience, participants engage in a series of farm tours, classes, and discussions (~3-5 events / month) focused on a broad array of sustainable agriculture and food system topics organized by Rogue Farm Corps (see a sample Internship Program events schedule here). Internship Program participants are exposed to farm knowledge, skills, and networks, through their experience with their host farm and Rogue Farm Corps.

Full season positions generally run spring through fall. Short season Internships run for 8-15 weeks and are perfect for students or others who want to dip their toe in into farming and attend the concurrent Internship classes, farm tours, and discussion events.

RFC’s Apprenticeship Program is an on-farm learning experience for those who have at least one full season (5+ months and at least 600 hours) of farm or ranch experience (or equivalent). The Apprenticeship combines hands-on training and skills-based education for those ready to dive into the art and business of sustainable agriculture. This program helps people who want to continue in agriculture to learn the skills needed to manage and run a diversified farming operation, and deepen their understanding of ecological and sustainable agricultural practices.

Similar to the Internship Program, apprentices train at one of RFC’s partner Host Farms. Participants also engage in a series of educational weekend intensives in locations around the state which include farm tours, networking, and camping. They also participate in a handful of online classes and discussions to round out the on-farm experience. The Apprenticeship, like the Internship, examines the economic, ecological and social sustainability of farm practices, and continues to build on these themes.

RFC Apprenticeship host farm sites can be located up to 3 hours driving distance from an active chapter location (Portland Metro and Rogue Valley).

Applications are accepted on our website on a rolling basis until positions are filled, but early applications are considered first. Apply by January 27th, 2022 for priority consideration. RFC has limited tuition scholarships available for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, veteran, and low-income applicants.

RFC has developed COVID-19 safety protocols according to state and federal guidance and will adjust them as needed to protect the health and safety of our participants, staff, host farmers, and communities. In-person educational events are held outside with social distancing in place.

Rogue Farm Corps partners with dedicated mentor host farms and ranches that focus on sustainable, regenerative, ecological, and/or organic approaches in their production methods. Host farm enterprises vary by farm and include animal (meat, dairy, eggs, etc) and plant-based production (vegetables, herbs, fruit, seeds, etc). Host farms are commercial, small-to-mid scale operations marketing to their local and regional community via a range of sales channels including farmers market, CSA, wholesale, and more. RFC participants are exposed to various farm production and marketing systems via RFC’s farm tour events.

Rogue Farm Corps is committed to an ongoing learning process around privilege, power, inequality and systems of oppression. RFC has a goal of making our programs welcoming to, inclusive of, and accessible to communities who are under-represented as farm operators in Oregon, including women, Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+ individuals, low-income individuals and immigrants. Our desire to create a more equitable food system is reflected in RFC’s programs and collaborations.

Learn more and apply: http://roguefarmcorps.org/training

Educational Opportunities: Interns or apprentices joining the crew at Runnymede can expect to be exposed to all tasks involved in operating a small-scale, diverse, mixed production farm. Those tasks will include animal husbandry (including milking and milk handling) and the planting, cultivation, harvesting, packing, and farmers market sales of produce, fruit, and nursery products. Additionally, there are a variety of farm-related construction projects here available for interns and apprentices to participate in, if they are interested. In addition to the on-farm training RFC interns and apprentices also attend an educational event series which includes farm tours, classes, and discussion groups. More details about those programs can be found on the website at www.roguefarmcorps.org/training

Skills Desired: Applicants seeking employment at Runnymede Farm must be mature, serious in their pursuit of farming, and physically capable of lifting heavy objects and being active and on their feet for long days. They must be capable of working independently without constant supervision. A positive attitude which brings a calm presence amongst the employees and animals is a must.

Meals: Some farm produce and eggs may be available.

Stipend: Runnymede Farm will hire on RFC Interns or Apprentices as employees at an hourly wage. Wages are paid for farm-related tasks. All wages are subject to all the legal requirements of the government. We start all interns and apprentices at minimum wage, which currently is $12.75/hr. RFC Educational Events are not paid farm time.

Housing: Runnymede is not providing housing to RFC participants. Housing can be tight in this area. Come early to get settled. We can provide a reference for employment and character.

Preferred method of Contact: email / website