Field Day Family Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
201 Bullitt Lane
Louisville, Kentucky , 40222

Primary Contact: Ivor Chodkowski
Primary Phone:
    Number: 502-608-9190

Secondary Phone
    Number: 502-608-9190


Internship information
General Farm Description: Field Day Family Farm is a sustainable commercial produce operation entering its twenty fourth year. Over a 9-10 month season, the farm runs a C.S.A. serving just under 100 families, 2-3 farmers markets, and supplies 10-15 stores and restaurants in the Louisville, KY area. The farms 30 acres of ground are a part of one of Louisville's and Jefferson County's oldest farms and could, perhaps, best be described as both urban farm and rural oasis in what is otherwise an increasingly commercial and highly suburban environment. The farm has a long-term and ongoing relationship with The Food Literacy Project which the farm hosts and whose mission is "youth transforming their communities through food, farming and the land." We believe the transformative mission of the FLP is a natural fit for the farm whose efforts in agriculture are wide ranging and in support of the development of the local food economy more generally.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Mid-March preferred, then rolling.
Internship Ends: End of November.
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: NA
Minimum Length of Stay: 8-9 months preferred, shorter stays will receive shortened curriculum; call for details.

Internship Details:

Field Day Family Farm’s apprenticeship program is primarily on the job training. Apprentices will be expected to work in most, if not all, of the areas that make the operation an actual working farm. Apprentices will be expected to work 45-50 hrs/wk, in conditions that are, by turns, hot, dirty, cold, and rainy, and physically very demanding. Apprentices can expect to work on some days in excess of 10 hours. Having said all this, we are also committed to education and we would expect the season-long apprenticeship to give sufficient foundation, both practical and somewhat theoretical, so that a motivated apprentice might ably operate his or her own small-scale production operation.

Educational Opportunities: In addition to on the job training, including many, in the field, spontaneous learning opportunities, apprentices can expect to participate in informal discussions on many topics of sustainable agricultural concern. Apprentices can expect an early day-long orientation as well as a minimum of 10-12 classes. Classes will be various and diverse, with some requiring reading and with others involving in the field demonstrations. Still others will combine hands on and theoretical opportunities. 1-2 classes will remain open to areas of apprenticeship interest and concern. Field trips to other area farms will also be arranged according to apprentice interest. Occasional guest speakers may substitute for field trips. Apprentice graduates have gone on to become peace corps volunteers, educators, graduate students, cooks, agricultural related not for profit executive directors, and most significantly, farmers themselves.

Skills Desired: No farm experience is required.

Meals: Food from the farm is available with few restrictions.

Stipend: $350/month for three months, after which time apprentices may be eligible for regular hourly farm wages.

Housing: 100 year old farm house is smoke-free, three bedrooms, kitchen, shower, and washer and dryer.

Preferred method of Contact: By phone or e-mail, but we strongly encourage an in-person, on-farm interview for serious consideration