Folk Life Farm Work Internship

Contact information
Farm Address:
77365 Barnes Ln
Covelo, California, 95428

Primary Contact: Blaire AuClair
Secondary Contact: Daniel AuClair

Primary Phone:
    Number: 3104288857

Secondary Phone
    Number: 707-354-4373



Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a 62-acre farm located in Round Valley, just outside of Covelo in Mendocino County, practicing No-till and Biodynamic Agriculture. The farm is Sun+Earth and DragonFly Earth Medicine Certified. We are a production farm and cultivate a variety of crops and projects. We grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for farmers market, CSA and value added products. For animal production we raise Merino sheep for wool and meat, chickens for meat, and a small herd of cattle. We cut our own hay, press apple juice and are establishing many perennial zones on the farm for food and pollinators. In addition to these projects we also grow legal cannabis and won the Regenerative Farm Award at the Emerald Cup for our growing practices and we are featured in an upcoming documentary "Tending the Garden" to be released this year 2023. Work on the farm consists of about 25% cannabis and 75% all of our other agricultural projects. Our fertility comes from cover cropping, farm-made compost and potting soil and using homeopathic preparations which are key to vitality on the farm. We believe that healthy bodies come from healthy food. Our beyond organic approach creates food and cannabis with high vitality.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Feb/March 2023
Internship Ends: Nov/Dev 2023
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: Feb 15th
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months

Internship Details:

Our farm grows and produces a diversity of products in a rural community. Here’s a list of what we do throughout the year (approx: 75% vegetable/fruit/herb production, 25% cannabis production):

  • No-till vegetable/herb/cannabis production
  • Biodynamic Agriculture practices
  • Nursery work (starting vegetables, up potting)
  • Transplanting vegetables, herbs and cannabis
  • Weeding, cultivating, maintenance of vegetable crops
  • Harvesting and processing of medicinal herbs for value added products and wholesale
  • Orchard (mostly apples) Pruning/picking apples/pressing juice
  • Hay season: picking up and stacking bales from the field into the barn
  • Harvesting vegetables for weekly farmers market, CSA and wholesale orders
  • Caring for and harvesting of cannabis crops
  • Processing and preserving produce in a local commercial community kitchen
  • Chicken butchering 1x per month
  • Work with Merino sheep, seasonal butchering, moving on pasture, seasonal shearing, potential wool processing
  • Small heard of cattle
  • General Ranch Work: general cleanup, perennial zone maintenance, wood chipping, firewood harvesting, etc

We are looking for individuals who love to be outdoors and are looking to learn, work and participate in the variety of agriculture endeavors that we do on our farm. It is hard but rewarding work. We are very passionate about farming as a way of life and hope to find individuals who are looking for that as well.

Educational Opportunities: Educational activities include everything in the above internship description. In addition there are regional quarterly Biodynamic meetings to attend to learn more about Biodynamics.

Skills Desired: Open to all levels and experience. But a willingness to do physical work in all types of weather in a requirement.

Meals: Seasonal produce from the farm will be accessible year round and occasionally meat.

Stipend: Yes! This is a paid internship because much of the learning is through hands on work experience. $15-$17/hr depending on experience

Housing: We provide housing in either a tiny cabin or silver streak trailer. Bathroom/shower and Kitchen are communal spaces. WiFi is also included in communal spaces. Room is subtracted from payment. ($300-$450 monthly depending on accommodations).

Preferred method of Contact: email