Full Belly Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
16090 County Road 43
P.O. Box 251
Guinda, California , 95637

Primary Contact: Becca Muller, Dru Rivers, or Paul Muller
Secondary Contact: phone call to the office

Primary Phone:
    Number: 1-530-796-2214
    Email: becca@fullbellyfarm.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 1-530-908-9499
    Email: dru@fullbellyfarm.com

    Email: dru@fullbellyfarm.com

Website: Fullbellyfarm.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Full Belly is a 500 acre diversified farm in North central California growing a diversified mix of Organically grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains and nut crops. Livestock - sheep and chickens are rotated in the mix of year round production. Full Belly employs a crew of nearly 80 full time and year round. Marketing is multifaceted, including a mix of farmers markets, a 1500 member CSA, local restaurants and stores along with wholesale sales. For 38 years at this farm, Organic practices have focused on a strategy of compost use, cover crops, rotation and minimal tillage. Regional markets recognize Full Belly's Organic production as consistently high quality, picked fresh to order, and focused on flavor.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Winter 2022
Internship Ends: Winter 2023
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Internships remain open until all positions are filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year preferred

Internship Details:

Internships are generally preferred for a year or longer. Interns live on the farm and participate in all aspects of farm life and all of the tasks required to grow, pick, pack and market more than 80 different crops that are grown on the farm. Intern responsibilities vary based on the skill of the intern. We are looking for motivated, self starting individuals who are interest in either farming as a career or a career in the agricultural industry. Learning is generally by doing tasks and self directed inquiry of farmers here or from the farm crew. This 4 season farm allows for experience in growing a wide variety of crops and strategies needed to be producing year round. Summers are hot and dry with little rain- allowing for the production of a wide range of summer vegetables and fruit along with almonds, walnuts and stone fruit. Interns will experience a range of work tasks enabling familiarity with any and all of these crops. Interns will learn about Full Belly market strategies including time once a week at a Bay area Farmers Market. Interns on the farm- up to 5 per year- live individual housing spaces but cook and share a common kitchen together. Interns are expected to be socially responsible and able to contribute to both the farm community and to the intern community. Interns are also requested to participate in some aspect of the larger Capay Valley Community.

Educational Opportunities: Interns will learn about each of the crops grown on the farm. Strategies for choosing seasonal varieties, planting and transplanting strategies and processes, and all aspects of fertility management. All harvest processes and post harvest strategies will be part of the experience gained- including the market strategies employed. Interns will learn to cook the crops grown and be able to translate the cooking experience to direct consumer interaction at one of 3 regional farmers markets each week. There will be instruction in workplace safety, food safety and basic responsibility in the safe operation in farm equipment. Interns will learn about farm financial management and the strategies employed to make a viable farm business. Full Belly adds value to a wide variety of crops and livestock products so knowledge will be gained about adding value to the many crops grown here. Those products include jams and sauces, oils, whole grain wheat products, nut butters, wool products, and meat production.

Skills Desired: Prior farm experience is preferred. Knowledge of any aspect of farm processes becomes very helpful in making the year experience here beneficial to both intern and to farm operations. Mechanical or carpentry skills are desirable, creative energy essential, the ability to problem solve and anticipate the next task helpful. Driving skills are not required but are most helpful. We are also looking for a qualified person who would like to do office work including sales, filing required reports and some accounting/bookkeeping skill to be part of a general farm apprenticeship

Meals: We provide food for meals that includes the products that the farm is producing along with food purchased for the intern kitchen. Intern meals are generally cooked collaboratively, and the common kitchen space is the responsibility of the interns to keep clean, sanitary and comfortable.

Stipend: Yes, all applicants are paid starting at California minimum wage of $15/hour. Room and board are deducted from the intern's pay monthly.

Housing: Yes. On farm housing is provided.

Preferred method of Contact: filled application, e-mail