Full Fat Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
1409 Griggs Gulf Road
Harford, New York , 13835

Primary Contact: Valerie Hahn
Secondary Contact: James Dulle

Primary Phone:
    Number: 607-844-3610
    Email: valahahn@gmail.com

    Email: jrdulle@gmail.com


Internship information
General Farm Description: As Full Fat Farm grows into its 15th year as an off-grid, regenerative family farm and homestead, we are seeking an intern or pair to learn and grow alongside us for the Spring—Fall 2022 season. We practice small scale regenerative grazing with 100% grass-fed family Cows, small-scale production and preservation of nutrient-dense food including garden crops, fruit trees, eggs and wild foods, and sustainable home energy production (solar and wood). We also work to build community and center equitable, co-creative relationships between all beings through non-denominational Earth-centered spiritual practice, environmental and social activism, reparative relationships with historically oppressed and marginalized groups where possible, and participation in the building of a nearby residential community along these same lines. Full Fat Farm consists of a quarter acre-of gardens, 5 acres of pasture and just under 20 acres of forest on 26 acres entirely surrounded by New York State Forest in the Finger Lakes region. We graze 15 acres on an additional 52 acres (a half mile away) within the same Forest where our residential, agricultural community is developing. While farming, we enjoy continued co-creative interaction with members of our forest ecosystems including wild birds, amphibians, mammals, fish and insects, springs, creeks and ponds, and with our domestic agricultural partners (otherwise known as plants and livestock).

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Expected seasonal stay is arriving sometime mid-April or early May
Internship Ends: through at least early September.
Number of Internship Available: 1 or 2 (couple OK)
Application Deadline: April 15
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 months

Internship Details:

In exchange for approximately 25-30 hours/week of working and learning experience in all aspects of homestead and community life, we offer room (either a private room in the house or exclusive use of a tiny cabin with wood stove) and basic subsistence food shared at family mealtimes.

Educational Opportunities: If you are a relatively vigorous, well-adjusted and upbeat individual or pair (close friends or couple) with a spiritual inclination towards honoring, loving, understanding and deepening equitable relationship with our shared Mother Earth and all beings, and you are eager for hands-on experience in a variety of self-sustanance skills and culturally transformative practices, please consider contacting Full Fat Farm for more information. This is not the right opportunity for folks who wish to learn profitable, commercial organic farming. This is an opportunity to develop homestead, self-sufficiency and country-living skills and practices such as organic gardening, family Cow relationship, food preservation, domestic fuel self-sufficiency, community-building, and co-creative relationship with Mother Earth. Full Fat Farm and its associated community are committed to creating equal access and opportunity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks through ongoing education, alliances, relationships and dialogue.

Skills Desired: Physical vigor, curiosity, humility and positive, upbeat outlook are more important than coming with any skill set. We are especially interested in mentoring folks with an interest in cultural regeneration, especially in working to develop community, equity and culture in rural areas.

Meals: basic subsistence food shared at family mealtimes

Stipend: Possible paid work opportunities in construction projects, childcare, and general labor may be offered to suitable candidates.

Housing: room (either a private room in the house or exclusive use of a tiny cabin with wood stove)

Preferred method of Contact: email