Greenfield Grazing LLC

Contact information
Farm Address:
16300 Boyle Lake Rd
Buchanan, Michigan, 49107

Primary Contact: Emily Macdonald
Primary Phone:
    Number: 7735109451

Secondary Phone
    Number: 2696970063



Internship information
General Farm Description: Greenfield Grazing is an 80 acre pasture-based lamb production start-up on the site of an abandoned apple orchard. We raise Royal White hair sheep with spring lambing and managed grazing. Our flock size is 34 ewes at present. We sell our lamb meat directly to our customers through our website and on-farm freezer. We are interested in agroforestry and are establishing a silvopasture system.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: April/May 2022 (negotiable)
Internship Ends: September 2022 (negotiable, with option to extend)
Number of Internship Available: one
Application Deadline: April 2022
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months

Internship Details:

This part-time position, 20 hours per week, is for those with a serious interest in small-scale, sustainable lamb production in a pasture- based operation. You will be assisting in moving sheep, moving portable electric fencing, moving water lines/troughs, clipping and maintaining pastures, spreading compost, stacking hay bales, inspecting animals for well being, vaccinating and deworming lambs/ sheep, sorting and weighing sheep/lambs. You may be helping to set up digital record-keeping systems. In addition to working with the livestock enterprise, there will be routine farm/ garden/ groundskeeping/ maintenance work such as weeding, pruning, planting, mowing,mulching painting, carpentry and repairs.

Educational Opportunities: You will have access to the farm library covering many aspects of small-scale farming, sheep production, agroforestry, permaculture, poultry, soil health, etc. etc. You will be able to visit local farms( Covid permitting) and to attend any available Michigan State Extension, NRCS, or Conservation District programs, any registration fees paid by Greenfield Grazing. If you have a good idea you want to trial, we may be able to help out. You could explore local and regional farmer's markets. We are located 90 miles from Chicago , 25 miles from South Bend, and 12 miles from the Lake Michigan shore.

Skills Desired: An affinity for animals and plants and the ecosystem is required. A burning interest in small-scale sustainable agriculture and food systems would be optimal. You would need to be able to work outside in sometimes challenging conditions. This work is physically demanding, hot, dirty, and sometimes monotonous but I can teach you the needed skills if you are keen to learn. You will also need to be able to drive. This would be a good job for a student in a(sustainable/regenerative) ag program ,or for someone considering their own farm start-up, who needs practical experience. If you have experience with software/computers and want to help set up digital farm records, that would be welcome.

Meals: We do not provide meals as part of compensation. We do enjoy inviting you to join us for meals on occassion and giving you extra eggs and produce.

Stipend: We pay a wage of $ 18 per hour. 20 hours per week of labor required. We can structure your hours to accomodate another part-time job.

Housing: We do not have on-farm housing.

Preferred method of Contact: