Grow Your Reality Farm & Nursery

Contact information
Farm Address:
990 S Greenwich Rd
Geuda Springs, Kansas, 67051

Primary Contact: Voldane Pelt
Secondary Contact: Aden Lewis

Primary Phone:
    Number: 6203071129

Secondary Phone
    Number: 6204464511



Internship information
General Farm Description: A market farm & nursery in the building! With 3 Permaculture certificates & sustainability as the goal we will be using slope, swales, water harvesting, and more to create a profitable Permaculture business.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 9-1-21
Internship Ends: 9-1-22 or later
Number of Internship Available: Love writing? Want to help with household stuff while being part of a team writing and publishing? This could be a great opportunity to have room and board while you write on group books as well as your own. Also looking for permanent business partners on the farm & community members.
Application Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: The longer the better and people looking for long term or possible partnership will get priority but we might consider shorter stays for the right person.

Internship Details:

I have a unique opportunity for the right person or couple. Do you want to learn Permaculture, market farming and how to start a natural plant nursery? What about writing and publishing books? Are you just tired of trading hours for dollars and want a home with meals and utilities in exchange for your help doing things in nature?

If you said yes to one or more of these, this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for. I have 20 acres and it’s in zone 6b. I have 3 permaculture certificates and will have my Masters in the fall 2021 in writing.

Goats, chickens, dogs, cats and soon ducks and possibly a pet cow in the spring. I am vegetarian and there is no hunting or killing animals on my property. You can eat meat, others here do. That is not a problem, it’s your body. What is a problem is if you want to kill animals on my property or go hunting and bring back animal bodies to butcher. If you hunt elsewhere, butcher there and just bring back the clean and processed meat for yourself. Then we have no problems.

Now I want to complete many projects and get this into a functional and profitable at some point permaculture market farm, nursery etc. I am writing and publishing books as well. Slower than I would like but I am making progress.

The problem is I have to go out and work on properties other than mine for cash that I then pay the mortgage, utilities and all that fun stuff with. I also want to get materials and supplies for the market farm etc. This leaves me without enough time to make the progress I would like.
I also would like to have someone around who loves plants and permaculture to talk to about all that fun stuff. If they love movies and books as well as writing all the better! I want to get one of those 120-inch outdoor screens so we can have movie nights around the campfire.

Rainwater catchment, new goat housing, greenhouses and cold frames, high tunnels as well as low tunnels, rocket stove in greenhouse. Outdoor kitchen, tool shed, new chicken coop and run, new garden beds. I am renting an excavator for a week or month in September and putting in several small ponds and swales etc while we have it.
I have several thousand dollars of seeds and will buy more as we get going. I have many items and am always getting more.
I need hard work on the property completed and done well. I want a friend or friends to hand with that similar interests that can become like extended family.
I offer knowledge we will both (all) learn daily as we muck stuff up and get other stuff right. Laughter and friendship. Meals and housing as well. If you need cash, I can do 100 a month but I am not rich and do not have more to spare.

On the upside no rent, utilities, free Wi-Fi, food and next year if you are still hanging in there with me, we will start selling at markets and there will be profit sharing! Private room but a shared kitchen and bath.
No smoking, drunkenness an occasional beer or wine is fine just in moderation. No parties. No drama. If something is bothering you, let’s chat and figure out a solution. Things grow out of proportion if small problems are ignored too long.

Who else is here? Adelle, 30, was homeless 9 years ago when I though a community of people would work out and she stayed. Mary is 48 and staying with her family for this year but might be back next year. Faye, 76, is getting her master’s degree, she is an amazing baker and cook as well as canning and gardening experience out the butt.
We can find furniture if you need it. If you need more money, it can be made online or once in awhile I have jobs that need extra help offsite and you would get xx amount for dollars for that work. House needs work but utilities, walls, roof, and floors all are solid. We have heat in winter, and fans in summer.
Oh, and me, I am 40 and a permaculture nerd and writer working on publishing books.

So, if this sounds interesting, call 6203071129 or 6205064511. Email is slower
Midwest location, more details after we chat. Cabin or camper parking also possible.

Educational Opportunities: Building swales, fencing, creating permanent raised beds, finding volunteer trees, wild strawberry plants, tree seeds, cuttings, and more at properties we care for is just the start. Anyone can step into a successful operating farm but to help build one from the ground up? Now that's where the knowledge happens! We will be discussing rotational grazing, free-range hens with the risks of hawks and coyotes, skunks etc. Starting plants, buying bulk bare-root plants, selling at markets, building websites, mass mailing, creating a barter system, CSA with only 10 members to begin, a nursery CSA for bedding plants, and much more. Things like putting in ponds and a water harvesting swale system to funnel rainwater into one pond. Then use a solar bilge pump to move the water uphill to tanks for storage. This way we can gravity feed water as needed. Adding ducks to the ponds and fish so when we move the water we are moving fertilizer as well. Starting water plants, building rocket stoves in greenhouses, building animal housing so much to do and learn as we do it!

Skills Desired: Hard workers are the priority. Most of the work is not that labor intensive but there is plenty of it starting a farm. You work this fall and winter and in spring you begin to see profit-sharing from the sales at markets and online. First-year will not be huge but with almost no expenses it can be a nice sum. The work is in all weather and because this is all being designed with sustainability and resiliency in mind you need to be ok with working with animals, (no killing) plants, building shelters, earth works, even laying tile in the kitchen is on the agenda as well as building an outdoor kitchen for canning next year! Do you love writing and movies? Want to build up a youtube channel? Publish books, create websites and email lists? We will be working on all of those things!

Meals: We do. We would also like a board game time, shared movie, and this fall campfire with smores and things while we chat and or set up the video screen and watch a movie outside. We also do scrapping, grab wood for firewood, and composting whenever we find it as well as pallets and have piles of these items waiting for some extra help to make use of them.

Stipend: It's hard to get by even with free room and board. You get wifi provided as well as food, tp and such. $100.00 a month is for your incidentals until the profit-sharing begins. Remember the idea is that you work for a partnership in the business.

Housing: Private bedroom, shared bathroom, and kitchen. We have cats and they are family and can be annoying! So if you are allergic or dislike any animals this might not be a good fit. We can chat about you bringing a camper etc. No cats will be in your bedroom but hallways and yes even the kitchen has them. Splash a little water at them and they will give you space for cooking but will be begging even then.

Preferred method of Contact: Phone or email