Pig & Leaf

Contact information
Farm Address:
448 Walker Rd.
Summertown, Tennessee , 38483

Primary Contact: Cliff Davis
Primary Phone:
    Number: 931.231.4099
    Email: farmer@pigandleaf.com

Website: www.pigandleaf.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Pig and Leaf Farm has emerged from a desolate 50 acre clear cut ridge into a diversified ecological farm focused on climate resiliency, ecology, low impact living, natural building, appropriate technology all while being a profitable farm ecosystem. We are Certified Naturally Grown. Our operation includes: No Till Market Gardens - Specialty Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Microgreens and Edible Flowers Community Kitchen Gardens Agroforestry Systems - Food Forests, Windbreaks, Silvo-pasture, Alley Cropping, Forestry, Animals, Woodlot, Shiitake log Production, Bamboo Farming, BioChar Woodland Pig Operation Community Chickens Plant Nursery and Greenhouse Land Management and Maintenance

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4 Season - ASAP, Summer Season April 1
Internship Ends: 4 Season - 1 year from start, Summer Season - end of October
Number of Internship Available: 1 4 season, 2 summer season
Application Deadline: No specific deadline, but we are looking to fill positions asap.
Minimum Length of Stay: 7 months

Internship Details:

We are excited to offer 3 farm apprenticeship positions at Pig and Leaf Farm in Summertown,Tn.

Summer Season Apprenticeship – 2 Positions April – October
4 Season Apprenticeship – 1 Position – Available Now
Housing, Food, Internet, Education, Community, Nature, Skills are all included for those who seriously aspire to become an ecological farmer!
Farmer Trainees will be involved in every aspect of the operation and will help where is needed.
Farmer Trainees will need to have a deep passion for agroecology, permaculture, profitable farming and low impact living.
Farmer Trainees have to have a deep desire to make a living as a farmer and help to co-create an agrarian culture.
Farmer Trainees must be willing to share space with others and be good communicators and sympathetic listeners.
Farmer Trainees will be expected to be hard working, task driven, physically fit, and omnivores.
Farmer Trainees have the opportunity to learn how to hunt, fish basic butchery and wood fire cooking.
Farmer Trainees need to be comfortable around children of all ages and sharing community space.
Farmer Trainees will need to have a general positive attitude, accept constructive criticism and be inspired by challenges.
Farmer Trainees are self motivated, critical thinkers, honest and aware
Farmer Trainees learn through action based learning, self study, and scheduled trainings and projects.

Educational Opportunities: Learn the in's and out's of small scale intensive market farm production. Use our extensive library of sustainable living/farming books. Gain the skills necessary to run a profitable farm. We specifically focus on the most profitable vegetable crops, like greens, lettuce, tomatoes and microgreens. Other vegetables are grown in our community garden. Learn about cut flowers, arranging bouquets, running a successful market booth, pig breeding and rotation. Pig and Leaf farm is run by Jen Albanese and Cliff Davis, who ran Spiral Ridge Permaculture on the same land for 10 years. Having been a permaculture training center, we have other systems that you will help manage that are not for profit. You will learn about forest gardens, off grid living, natural building, agroforestry, permaculture and more.

Skills Desired: Beginners welcome, as long as you are serious about exploring farming as a career, hardworking and inspired by challenges.

Meals: We provide food from the farm and bulk dry goods.

Stipend: No

Housing: 4 Season - small camper, summer season - camping or rustic shelter

Preferred method of Contact: email