Pond Hill Farm Trainee

Contact information
Farm Address:
5699 S Lake Shore Drive
Harbor Springs, Michigan, 49740

Primary Contact: Jimmy Spencer
Primary Phone:
    Number: 231-526-3276
    Email: mspencer@pondhill.com

Website: https://www.pondhill.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Pond Hill Farm is an eclectic family farm located in Northern Michigan on 197 acres in the lakeside community of Harbor Springs. Starting as a vegetable farm in 1995, it has grown to become an agricultural tourism destination known for its free-spirited and welcoming vibe that is enjoyed by all generations. Visitors are warmly embraced while connecting with the farm’s bounty within a relaxed and beautiful setting that produces vegetables, grapes, meat, beer, wine, flowers and canned goods, which are shared via the café, tasting room, on-farm market and farm-to-table events. As a seasonally driven business, operations fluctuate depending on the time of year, which fosters an innovative, flexible and cross-functional work environment. This unique farm ecosystem has created an environment that attracts tens of thousands of customers each year who come from all around the country to enjoy the experience.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: May 2024
Internship Ends: November, 2024
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: May 2024
Minimum Length of Stay: Full Internship

Internship Details:

As a trainee, your main focus will be vegetable production, general farm operations and support of the entire operation. This will include supporting all departments such as the brewery, cafe, events, grounds keeping and projects.
Areas of focus:
● Vegetable Production: executing the year’s production schedule including, but not limited to; seeding, planting, cultivating, weed/insect control, pre/post harvesting techniques, storage, record keeping, sales and more…
● Livestock: feeding and watering of various farm livestock. This fluctuates by season. Examples; goats/chickens/rabbits, trout. Part of animal care is maintaining shelters, fencing etc.
● Fall Festival: see how we harvest, display and sell the fall crop of pumpkins and manage a carnival atmosphere. This includes pumpkin display, sales, ticket sales for games, operation of booths like pumpkin smashing, pumpkin bowling, hayrides, apple cannons, bounce houses, wine tasing booth and more…..
● Vineyard: canopy management, trellis maintenance, harvesting, and more….
● FOH: work on the sales end of our food and beverage department. Trainees are able to work FOH during peak times, on off days or as the ebbs and flow of the season dictate the opportunity. This will include learning our products and selling to new and returning customers. This will include promoting the farm, our area and building relationships.

Skills Desired:
Trainees need to be prepared for a wide range of challenging experiences, and be ready to take on a significant degree of responsibility. This is a broad experience in a multifaceted operation. Farming is physically and mentally demanding, but fun and rewarding too! Trainees must have the following characteristics:
● Desire to learn
● Self-motivated
● Hard working
● Creative
● Curious
● Energetic
● Attention to detail
● Strong communication skills
● Ability work independently
● Exceptional customer service skills
● Ability to lift at least 50 pounds repetitively
● Previous farm experience not required
Educational Opportunities:
You will have the opportunity to learn many different aspects of farming, sales, product knowledge and promotion of a unique agri-tourism business. It is possible for individuals to dive deeper into specific aspects of agriculture available according to interest/time.

Educational Opportunities: You will have the opportunity to learn a variety of aspects of farming, sales, product knowledge and promotion of a unique agri-tourism business.

Skills Desired: We expect trainees to have a desire to learn new things, a willingness to work hard outside in all weather and the ability to work on multiple tasks daily. Trainees will need to learn to operate equipment such as tractors, ATVs and power tools. We hope trainees will be interested in learning new skills and assisting with the variety of things that make the farm operate on a daily basis. Working independently is is necessary along with the willingness to engage in customer service and physical labor. Previous farm experience is not required but preferred.

Meals: Trainees prepare their own meals. Full kitchen is provided and staples are stocked for cooking. This includes pasta, rice, beans, vegetables and wild proteins. There is a 50% employee discount on cafe food and beverage. Stipend: $12hr. Paid period is bi weekly. FOH hours include tips. Employee discounts on farm merchandise.

Stipend: $12hr. Paid period is bi-weekly. FOH hours include tips. Employee discounts on farm merchandise.

Housing: On property housing with two kitchens & two bathrooms is provided in a rustic shared cabin. Each trainee has their own room. Wi-Fi, washer/ dryer, Garbage, recycling, “Rent” is $125/week and is deducted from each paycheck.

Preferred method of Contact: Please email resume & cover letter