Setha’s Seeds

Contact information
Farm Address:
10 Ridgemount Rd
Tutira, Pennsylvania , 4181

Primary Contact: Setha Davenport
Secondary Contact: Roddy Branagan

Primary Phone:
    Number: 64212388654

Secondary Phone
    Number: 64273801412


Internship information
General Farm Description: We are a New Zealand based heirloom seed farm. We specialise in producing healthy robust Open Pollinated and Heirloom organic seeds for home gardeners and small scale producers.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Anytime from August 15th onwards for our Spring Internship, we are flexible, usually lasts 3 -6 months
Internship Ends: Autumn Internships begin sometime in March/April and go till June.
Number of Internship Available: 1 or 2 if a couple
Application Deadline: September 15th, 2019
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months

Internship Details:

Our internships are a work exchange where learning by doing fosters an environment for individuals to better their skills and helps us acheive our goals together. Work hours are flexible each day, especially once a routine is established. We ask that you work 6-8 hours/day, 5-6 days/week depending on the season. Only in peak times like spring is the extra time needed. It is possible to take longer periods off for short trips away etc as long as we are all agreed to the time chosen beforehand. There are also times, when we will need to go away and we ask for you to be on site to oversee things.

All our interns will be provided with accomodation on site. We have a private cabin with a loft queen bed. There are cooking facilites and a living area inside as well. Interns have their own composting toilet and have access to a shower and washing machine. Wifi access is available as well. Although, you will need to provide your own device.

Food is provided out of the garden and some things are purchased to supplement. All types of eaters welcome. We are omnivores. If you have special dietary requirments, you may need to provide some of your own foods.

Our small daughter moves in and out of the day while working with us, and the ideal people to be here are those who enjoy being with young kids. She is great fun and sometimes if agreed to prior, it is very helpful if some work hours can be used towards child minding to allow for our focus to be in the garden. This is not mandatory, just a great perk for us if it works out!

Educational Opportunities: 1. Seed Propagation/Nursery Skills 2. Transplanting 3. Garden Bed Prep 4. Irrigation and water management for healthy plants 5. Fertilising the garden and how to grow nutrient dense plants, food and seeds. 6. Garden Maintenance – weeding, mulching, foliar feeding, compost tea preparations. 7. Learn the criteria for planting, genetic diversity, rogueing and selection for healthy seed growing. 8. Seed harvesting for both wet and dry seed 9. Wet seed processing and drying 10. Dry seed drying and processing 11. Storing seed techniques and methods 12. Seed selection and rogueing 13. Permaculture principles and techniques Other things you will be exposed to: 1. Tiny house building 2. Do it yourself building 3. Music – we are in a band and live on a property where folk music festivals are held periodically. 4. Farmhouse cooking – using the whole animal, lactic fermented foods like sourdough, yogurt and 5. Beekeeping – we have hives on the farm, managed by a friend.

Skills Desired: We accept all levels of skills from beginners to advanced growers. It is ideal if some gardening and growing knowledge is already held by our interns, but not mandatory.

Meals: Yes

Stipend: Not at this time, but could be considered on a case by case basis once work ethic and ability is determined.

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: Email