Sisters Hill Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
127 Sisters Hill Rd.
Stanfordville, New York, 12581

Primary Contact: David Hambleton
Primary Phone:
    Number: 845-868-7048



Internship information
General Farm Description: Sisters Hill Farm is a beautiful 400 member CSA located in the Hudson Valley of NY, now entering our 26th year; we're seeking 3 more apprentices for the 2024 season to complete our 5 person team.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: April 1, 2024 *approximately
Internship Ends: November 5, 2024 *approximately
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: Full season, April 1 -- November 5th

Internship Details:

Apprentices will take part in all aspects of the farm; from seeding, to transplanting, to tractor work, to harvest and customer relations. We take pride in being well organized and get great joy out of the beauty of the fields, the quality of what we produce, and the efficiency with which we gather and distribute it to our community. Over the past 25 years on less than 5 acres, we have grown and shared more than 1.85 million pounds of high quality organic produce. We are able to attain this level of production because we are keenly focused on creating systems that fit our particular site, customer base, and importantly–our temperaments.

But we are not just efficient, we care greatly about developing a healthy and equitable community. The farm is owned by and operated by the Sisters of Charity of NY and we continue their 200 year mission of caring for those in need. A central part of the farm is making delicious vegetables available to people from all walks of life. Each season we donate 10 percent of the harvest to low income families and soup kitchens.

Our CSA members stick with us and become part of the farm family. Our average member has been with us for nearly a decade and we have some members still with us since 1999!

Ultimately, a farm apprenticeship can be your stepping stone to creating a future life growing food for a grateful community. We’d like to be your guide in that journey! Farming can be all-consuming so we’re all about helping you find a way to envision a future farm that creates balance.

Many things about Sisters Hill Farm are streamlined to help attain this balance. We started as a CSA in 1999 and it’s all we have ever done. We don’t go to farmers markets or sell to restaurants and we don’t do home deliveries. 80 percent of our 400+ members come to the farm to pick up their shares, the rest come to a single offsite pickup. Members weigh and bag their own shares.

With so few off-farm distractions we can focus our efforts on growing great vegetables efficiently. We have a trusty fleet of 2 wheel and 4 wheel tractors that make weeding a breeze, and our wash and pack areas are designed in such a way to minimize extra lifting and processing of produce.

There is a lot to do and a lot to learn for the apprentice ready to dig in and invest in their own experience.

Educational Opportunities: Finding an apprentice for us is a serious matter. We don’t just want a warm body, we want a perfect fit, for you and us. With that in mind here are some of the things that distinguish Sisters Hill Farm Apprenticeship from many others. We’re experienced and successful. Now entering our 26th year! We keep things simple. CSA is all we do. 320 full weekly share equivalents, 400 or so members. We’re efficient; our marketing, our wash/pack, our weeding, and our harvesting. We have developed scale appropriate systems that work. We care. About the community at large; our shares are generous and affordable, we offer free need based shares, as well as donations to food banks. The Sister of Charity own the farm and Dave has run it for them since year one. We let apprentices do things! Learn to drive the tractors, use all the tools. This is rare among apprenticeships but we want to show you what everything is like. We plan together, you get to see how we figure out what is most important to do, when, and why. We have check-ins and ways to measure your progress throughout the season. You get to practice being in charge! For the last 10 weeks of the season apprentices alternate getting to be in charge for a week at a time. We care about mentoring you so you can succeed in farming both here and beyond. Chance to advance to a second season and the potential to move into a management role.

Skills Desired: We’d love for you to have farm experience, but if you don’t we still welcome your application. Your core qualities are more important to us. We’ll teach you all you need to know. Here’s what you must have to succeed here: - A strong work ethic with a sharp eye for detail and efficiency. Timeliness is important both for starting the day on the right foot and getting done all that must be done on the farm. - Upbeat, able to find joy in simple moments, willingness to laugh and have fun. We work closely together and camaraderie is part of the pleasure of farmwork. - Proactive, both in tasks and your own education. Even if there is no explicit instruction happening, there are always opportunities to learn. Apprentices should be thinking ahead to next steps to help the whole team move efficiently. - Team player. Communication is vital for understanding instructions and maintaining a comfortable work environment. We all work together and we all take turns with farm tasks. - Able to perform physical labor. There are often long days spent in uncomfortable positions in a variety of weather. Apprentices should be able to lift 50 lbs, kneel for long periods, and be comfortable with repetitive tasks. - A driver's license and clean driving record.

Meals: Free access to excess farm produce.

Stipend: Yes, $15/hour 40 hours/week early season, 45 hours/week starting late May.

Housing: Yes, furnished 3 bedroom apartment right on the farm.

Preferred method of Contact: email us at