Square Roots Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
95 Old Cheshire Road
Lanesborough , Massachusetts , 01237

Primary Contact: Michael Gallagher
Secondary Contact: Ashley Amsden

Primary Phone:
    Number: 413-446-1446
    Email: farmers@squarerootsfarm.org

Secondary Phone

    Number: 802-989-9160

Website: http://squarerootsfarm.org

Website: http://facebook.com/squarerootsfarm

Internship information
General Farm Description: Square Roots Farm is a diversified farm located on 185 acres in Lanesborough, Massachusetts entering our tenth year of operation. We raise around 2,000 meat chickens, 150 turkeys, and ~25 pigs per year, and we manage a growing herd of mostly Rotokawa Devons for 100% grass fed beef. We maintain a flock of 1,000 or so laying hens, and we produce a small amount of vegetables for farmers markets. We grow food for our community using regenerative practices and strive to be a model for a financially sustainable farm business. While not certified organic, we follow organic practices and work to honor, restore, and build upon relationships among people, animals, food, and the land. Our customer base spans multiple cross-sections of our community, from seasonal tourists and second home owners to middle class residents and families facing financial struggles. We vend at farmers' markets that serve low income communities by accepting and doubling SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) benefits. Please visit http://squarerootsfarm.org for more information, or find us on social media: Facebook @squarerootsfarm and Instagram @squarerootsfarmmass.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4/1/2019
Internship Ends: 10/31/2019
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: 4/1/2019
Minimum Length of Stay: Dates are flexible - contact us to discuss.

Internship Details:

We are a small but mighty crew here at Square Roots Farm. Our apprentices have the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility very quickly, and with a committed team, we are able to produce lot of high quality food for our community. If you are looking to dive in to a hands-on learning experience, working side-by-side with experienced farmers and taking ownership in the success of the farm, read on… Wake up at dawn. Walk the dew-covered pastures to check the cows. Move them to fresh pasture. Learn to tell them apart. Notice which has a sore foot, which is looking ready for slaughter. Check for new calves… Pick up the chicks at the post office. Get them settled in the brooder. Feed them, water them, keep the brooder clean. Move them out to fresh pasture, and then move their shelter every day. Crate them up after dark by firefly light. Slaughter them, pluck them, eviscerate them, and bag them for sale… Put up a greenhouse. Trellis tomatoes. Build fence. Tackle escaped pigs. Pick rocks. Sleep like a rock. Eat the fruits of your labor… Take on your own farmers market. Pack your coolers. Drive to market. Make things look beautiful. Tell our story. Spread the word… Ask questions. Try new things. Make decisions with us as part of the team. Be proud. Leave ready to dive in.

Educational Opportunities: We are members of the CRAFT farmer training program, which offers twice monthly trips to other area farms to learn about specific aspects of farming. We encourage apprentices to attend all CRAFT meetings to learn from many of the best farmers in the region. Since we are a small, family-run operation, you will also be working side-by-side with the farmers almost all the time. We hope to host apprentices who will go on to farm on their own, and to that end, we work to make sure that they understand the reasons behind what we are doing on the farm. We are happy to share all our crop planning and financial information with the apprentices, and you'll have access to our library of farm resources.

Skills Desired: No farm experience needed, though some experience working - or at least recreating - outside is preferred. We want someone who is passionate, energetic, and responsible. We want someone who can still smile after four hours in 40 degree rain, who likes the way their muscles feel when they are tired. We want someone who can repeatedly lift 50lbs, and who has a drivers license.

Meals: We share breakfast and lunch as a crew on work days. Apprentices also receive an unlimited supply of vegetables and eggs, some "farmer" chicken, and a discount on meats.

Stipend: Depends on experience, starts at $800/month

Housing: Apprentices live in a rustic yurt, tucked into the woods just below the vegetable garden and a short walk up the hill from Cheshire Lake. The yurt includes a wood stove for heat and cooking in the colder weather, and a propane stove for cooking in warmer weather. There is a composting toilet outhouse. Showering, laundry, and internet are available at the farm house.

Preferred method of Contact: Email