Swallowtail Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
17603 NW 276th Lane
Alachua, Florida , 32615

Primary Contact: Noah Shitama
Primary Phone:
    Number: 352-327-1175
    Email: swallowtailcsa@gmail.com

Website: http://www.swallowtailcsa.com/apprenticeship

Internship information
General Farm Description: Swallowtail Farm is a young aspiring biodynamic farm currently in its 11th season of growing. Each season, from October through June we raise food for 100-200 families in our Community Supported Agriculture program. We also work closely with Gainesville area chefs to distribute our food in local restaurants, and to collaborate for our Farm to Table dinners. Each season we host two big lovely festivals on the farm and invite the community to come experience diverse workshops, delicious food and drink, great music, art, and tour the farm. We also host many groups visiting the farm throughout the season, including two 3rd Grade classes that camp out at the farm, veterans, schoolchildren from local schools, and many others. The farm is situated on some of the most beautiful land in Florida, on rolling hills of fertile pasture and forest. The land entire is 30 acres, and we cultivate about 7 acres of vegetables, herbs, flowers, perennials and fruit. We also manage about 10 acres as pasture for our livestock. We tend a flock of 200-400 laying hens that are rotated on pasture behind our dairy cows.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: September 15, 2019
Internship Ends: June 26, 2020
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: Positions open until filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 10 months (the entire season)

Internship Details:

Dairy/Livestock Apprentice

We are looking for the right person to join our livestock team. Our new team member will be responsible for the daily care of our grass-fed dairy herd and creamery operation. You will also be assisting with other animals on the farm including chickens (egg layers) and meat pigs. You will be working primarily with another apprentice and our livestock manager. Previous experience is preferred but not required.

Start Date: September 15, 2019 or until filled

You will be responsible for the following things:

Oversee Day-To-Day Herd Needs
Assume responsibility for day-to-day coordination of all aspects of our dairy production. Responsibilities include:

-Care taking and monitoring the health of our herd
-Feeding and watering dairy herd
-Animal husbandry(breeding management, birthing assistance, calf feeding, minor medical care, and animal assessment)
-Milking once or twice a day depending on time of season
-Monitoring pasture growth to judge paddock size, plan rotations
-Maintaining a clean and sanitary milking parlor
-Loading animals onto the livestock trailer
-Unloading hay and feed deliveries when they come in
-Fence repairs and maintenance
-Record keeping
-Maintain Animal Welfare Approved standards
-There is always something to be cleaned, problem solved, or fixed. It is never boring

Creamery Work
Yogurt and cheesemaking will take place during the milking season. Responsibilities

-Moving milk
-Cleaning equipment
-Record keeping
-Yogurt making
-Cheese making
-Packing products for markets
-Maintain a clean, functional, and sanitary creamery space
-Make sure all equipment and supplies are in stock

Pasture Raised Chickens
You will be working with other farm members to care for our flocks. Responsibilities include:

-Assisting with weekly chicken moves (with tractor)
-Cleaning and packing eggs for markets and wholesale orders
-Occasional feeding, watering, and coop cleaning

Forest Raised Pigs
You will be working with other farm members to care for our pigs. Responsibilities include:

-Rotating our pigs through the forest with temporary electric fencing.
-Occasional feeding and watering

Coordinate With Swallowtail Team
Coordinate with the Swallowtail Farm crew about animal health, product availability/inventory, pasture movements, and more.

Host Visitors On The Farm
Host visitors at the farm for tours, farm-to-table dinners, workshops and events.
Events are a team effort. Sharing Swallowtail Farm with visitors for a variety of events should be a welcome interaction. This is a small part of the position but an important part of what we do.

-One full day off per week guaranteed, additional half days are likely
-8-9 hour work day, occasionally 11 hour days
-You will receive 10 days vacation and 5 sick days to be used over the current season
-Occasionally have to work holidays

Educational Opportunities: The Swallowtail Apprentice Program is designed to empower the next generation of farmers. Apprentices should be passionate about farming as a career and will learn to carry out all aspects of farm operations – soil amendment and revitalization, propagation, planting, weed management, pest management, floriculture, irrigation, the use of tractors, implements and other machinery and tools, customer relations, packing, delivery, billing, groundskeeping, maintenance, communications, and pastured livestock management.

Skills Desired: REQUIREMENTS: -Ideally, a strong desire to operate a farm of your own in the future -Valid drivers license and a good driving record -Capable of lifting large, heavy/bulky items up to 75 pounds -Adaptable to working outdoors in extreme weather conditions such as heat, humidity, and freezing temperatures -Love and respect for animals, people, and the planet -A strong desire to work with cows and dairy on a working farm -Willingness to teach and mentor others -Great attitude and patience -Open and clear communicator -Strong work ethic -Strong problem solving skills -Ability to multitask and learn new things quickly -Detail oriented, observant, and aware of surroundings -Respect for others’ unique personalities -Be comfortable working both in a team setting and alone -Accept critique, acknowledge mistakes and work to make ourselves better -Understand that this job entails a large degree of manual labor -Willing to live on the farm, housing is provided -Previous experience working with cows is not required but strongly preferred -Willingness to operate tractors and other farm equipment -Timeliness and professionalism -The ability to hustle -Any experience in tractor driving, livestock handling, chainsaw work, carpentry, record keeping, or any other relevant tasks are a plus!

Meals: Yes

Stipend: STIPEND: -$200 per month plus housing and benefits. Upon satisfactory completion of the apprenticeship, you will receive a $2000 bonus. -Opportunities to stay on for another season as paid staff are possible. HOUSING AND BENEFITS: -Housing and utilities provided. You will have a private room plus access to a shared kitchen/living space and bathroom. -Prepared breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday -Staple foods provided to cook at your leisure -Vegetables, meat, dairy, and eggs provided from the farm -Household goods such as furniture, soap, sponges, detergent, well-equipped kitchen, etc. -Laundry facilities -Water and electric -Wireless -Trash and recycling -You will not need to purchase food unless you have specific dietary needs or wants -Housing costs are estimated to be valued at $9350.00 yearly.

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: email