Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
913 Young Rd
Corinth, Vermont, 05039

Primary Contact: Clara Fernandez Odell
Secondary Contact: Ben Machin

Primary Phone:
    Number: 9702864492
    Email: clarafodell@gmail.com

    Email: tamaracktunis@gmail.com

Website: http://tamarackvermont.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: Tamarack Sheep Farm is located in Corinth, Vermont, and we are dedicated to producing good food, conserving heritage breeds, and restoring and caring for land. We focus on two main heritage breeds: the Dorset Horn and the Tunis. We rotationally graze our ewes in the summer and use a combination of barns and out-wintering during the winter months. We make our own hay and use tractors and skid steers for hay making and winter feeding. After weaning, our lambs are fed a combination of grass, grain, and hay. Our primary product is meat, while hay is a secondary product. We own our farm and lease multiple other fields in the area. More information can be found at http://tamarackvermont.com.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 2/1/23
Internship Ends: 4/15/23
Number of Internship Available: FILLED
Application Deadline: 2/1/23
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 month

Internship Details:

Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm is seeking a Farm Intern, to assist with lambing season and overall flock and farm management in the winter and spring of 2023. Our ideal candidate is available starting in February through the end of March.

Our lambing season begins February 22nd and preparations will begin before that. Duration of the internship can be flexible but will be discussed before internship begins. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply immediately and the internship could begin right away if so desired. The farm owners also have a conservation and restoration company, Redstart, www.redstartconsulting.com, and shared opportunities exist, particularly in the area of riparian and upland restoration and tree planting.

NOTE: We had a previous posting up for a long-term shared position with Tamarack Farm and Redstart. That position has been filled. This posting is for a short-term lambing internship position!

Responsibilities and Tasks for Winter 2023:
-Assisting ewes with delivery when needed during lambing, maintaining a clean environment, feeding newborn lambs
-Monitoring health and growth of ewes and lambs
-General husbandry: vaccinating, worming, weighing, trimming feet, castrating, docking tails, health trouble shooting
-Daily chores, feeding and bedding of sheep, mixing and feeding minerals

Responsibilities and Tasks for Spring and Summer 2023 (if extension of position is mutually agreed upon):
-Tree planting in restoration settings (riparian and upland)
-Rotational grazing using Flexinet, solar chargers, portable watering systems
-Hay-making including tractor and hay-making operation and maintenance
-High tensile fence maintenance (our two main properties are already fenced)
-Soil sampling, testing, and amendment application
-Forage sampling, testing, formulation of animal rations
-Tending to bedded pack composting system
-Assisting with grazing planning
-Choosing future breeding stock and selecting and loading animals for market
-Basic farm construction: sheds, roofing, paddock fencing

Educational Opportunities: Extension education

Skills Desired: Applicant Qualifications and Attributes: • Strong interest in practical and efficient operation. • Strong energy level and interest in lambing • Positive attitude, proactive by nature, organized and neat • Excellent communication skills: verbal, email, etc. • Interest in sheep, grazing, and grass. • Dependable and on time • Intelligent and hardworking • Strong, able to lift 50 pounds • Willing to work alone or within the context of a team • Valid driver's license and working vehicle. • Pluses: interest in or skill with equipment; experience with livestock, especially sheep; experience with software.

Meals: No, but meat from the farm is available.

Stipend: Yes

Housing: Yes, a room in a shared house with laundry and kitchen access is provided.

Preferred method of Contact: Email