The Community Farmstead

Contact information
Farm Address:
83 Oak Ridge Road
White Salmon, Washington, 98672

Primary Contact: Chelsey Kolbeck
Secondary Contact: Caleb Peretz

Primary Phone:
    Number: 707-606-9676

Secondary Phone
    Number: 707-849-6298



Internship information
General Farm Description: A land-based community space providing nutrient-rich foods, holistically-crafted goods, conscious community, creative explorations, healing journeys, and personal connections to the natural world. Rooted in our intentions, we envision a village center for families, youth, individuals, organizations, businesses, and workshops to explore unique paths through the seasons and cycles of life. We are fostering resilience through a remediated culture, based on relationship to the land, plants, animals, the elements, the divine, and to each other.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: September 2022 - Flexible
Internship Ends: January 2023 - Flexible
Number of Internship Available: 1-2
Application Deadline: Ongoing Until Filled / Scheduled
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 month

Internship Details:

Participating in holistic farm, land stewardship, animal caretaking, home tending, collaborative living in a community house nestled in the valley of the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side. A small farmstead with a gentle flow of humans, welcoming visiting friends (and friends of friends) and holding occasional gatherings, we co-habitat and collaborate and also work independently. We are seeking an addition, single or couple, or parent/child, (maybe other configurations), to blend organically into the fold of this land, the animals, the work-living. Would like to discuss and co-create a unique internship based on interests, skills, offerings, needs, etc.

Educational Opportunities: Land Stewardship Regenerative Grazing / Animal Care Taking (cat, dogs, chickens/ducks/goose/turkey, sheep/goats, cows, wildlife) Special Breed Cow - Milking and Making -- Yogurt / Cheese Plant Science Nature Therapy Music / Craft Nutrition and Health Community Support Independent Tracks

Skills Desired: Loves to Garden Loves to Love Animals Friendly and Helpful Keeping of a community home Carpentry - Building

Meals: sometimes yes, meals cooked are usually offered to each other. We try and cook a few bulk meals a week. We also try and have a constant flow of broths, soups, grains, batters, etc going for everyone, and we have a community pantry and fridge. There's usually an abundance and a flow that everyone is contributing naturally and fairly. We value locally sourced and ethically grown foods and we process as much as we can on the farm that feeds the whole system. We are finding our way in the cycles of the seasons.

Stipend: No Stipend, but a co-created and fair work trade for room/board of private space and access to community pantry / farm goods. Ample time for independent work. Could create own value-added products and income.

Housing: yes

Preferred method of Contact: Email