The Urban Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
10200 Smith Rd.
Denver, Colorado, 80239

Primary Contact: Michelle Graham
Primary Phone:
    Number: (720) 414-6141


Internship information
General Farm Description: TUF Mission Statement The Urban Farm inspires excitement for learning through practical work experience in a farm setting while fostering respect, responsibility, curiosity, compassion, and grit. TUF works to remove barriers to entry, such as location, land access, and finances, for urban youth to participate in and learn about agriculture.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 9/1/22
Internship Ends: full-time
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: 9/1/22
Minimum Length of Stay: one year

Internship Details:

This position is responsible for facilitating programs for the adolescents (ages 14-24) enrolled in
TUF’s Cultivating Change in Youth program, who will be learning hands-on about horticultural,
livestock care, as well as vocational and transferable skills at TUF. This apprenticeship program is run
in partnership with the Denver Juvenile Services Center’s H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence)
program. Participant groups are typically made up of 10-20 youth depending on time of year. The
position is accompanied by Denver Juvenile Service Center staff to assist with youth and program
management. When not working on projects with youth participants, this position is responsible for
the administrative tasks associated with this position, as well as general maintenance and upkeep of
The Urban Farm property and equipment.
This position will report to the Executive Director of The Urban Farm and work collaboratively with
the TUF’s Horticulture & Livestock Managers as well as the H.Y.P.E. staff.

Educational Opportunities: yes

Skills Desired: Supervise and train groups of youth in daily structured programming to include a variety of activities and vocational skills in site management, grounds maintenance, livestock chores and horticultural work ● Use and demonstrate to youth and volunteers the proper use of hand tools and small equipment such as shovels, rakes, tillers, irrigation, drills, measuring tapes etc. ● Lead service learning programs and internships for local middle and high school groups. ● Perform and lead groups in horticultural tasks, including seed-to-harvest work with the goals of healthy food education and production ● Contribute to the redevelopment and following daily operations of hydroponic greenhouse. ● Responsible for livestock chores and construction projects related to animal husbandry including fiber and food production ● Facilitate group tasks and greenhouse operations utilizing hydroponic growing methods ● Organize and lead efforts in regular site maintenance (weeding, mulching, pruning, irrigation, painting, etc.) ● Project development and management (greenhouses, birthing barns, livestock fencing, pasture) ● Develop and lead participant workshops to support hands-on curriculum (vermiculture, hydroponics, composting, rotational grazing, nutrient management, soil testing) ● Responsible for maintaining a schedule on daily paddock cleaning and repairs ● Participate in the planning and development of natural open space restoration projects, plant management schedules, and integrated wildlife management efforts in accordance with TUF’s Master Plan ● Develop and monitor grant and project work plans, work breakdown, and project milestones, while adhering to a grant & project budget ● Responsible for tracking participant attendance and proper record keeping for payroll. ● Contribute to the creation and maintenance of intake forms, progress reports, program assessments for grant reporting and tracking purposes ● Coordinate the purchasing, stocking and distribution of participant meals ● Coordinate with the horticulture department to develop healthy food distribution through CSA, pay-what-can market, and/or grocery box model for participants and target populations ● Coordinate supplementary workshops & speakers (lifeskills, housing, culinary, food assistance programs, financial literacy) in accordance with participant interest & need

Meals: no

Stipend: $52,000.00/ year

Housing: no

Preferred method of Contact: email