Contact information
Farm Address:
261 eastview dr
Bostic, North Carolina , 28018

Primary Contact: Thomas carson
Primary Phone:
    Number: 8282231688


Internship information
General Farm Description: This posting is for me to find landmates interested in homesteading and or farming on their own on this land... I have experience as an organic farmer from 2008 to 2012 but have since turned elsewhere for income and rely heavily on my farming skills to grow a large garden which I would love help with. I do have the land and infrastructure to support a farming venture if someone else (i.e. you!) wanted to head that up. See below for more details.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: As soon as we can work out the details
Internship Ends: Long term preferred but can work with whatever works out
Number of Internship Available: 2-4
Application Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months

Internship Details:

Land mates wanted. Seeking individuals who share interest in cultivating healthy ecosystems and community. I live on 21 acres in The heart of Rutherford county, North Carolina. The land is rolling, about half forested, with 2 springs, a pond, and a creek running through the property. Many wild foods and medicinals exist on the landscape and I hope to cultivate more. There are roughly 3-4 acres of cleared land that is suitable for gardens and/or farming. Much more of the land can be used to grow perrrenials or intensive gardening. Its been my home for 10 years and its a lovely place with alot of potential.

I have a 16 foot camper that is immediately available and a nice12x12 tiny house that with a few quick additions that i could use some help with(porch and kitchenette)will be ready… power and water already ran. A few sites are available to construct small homes or tents, yomes. Other resources include great well water, potential outdoor kitchen, large dehydrator, canning supplies, electricity and wi fi, and some heavy equipment for land working.

There are several arrangements that can be made in place of a conventional rent with either modest monetary compensation, shared food from the land, work trade, or likely a combination of these. Ideally I hope to find long term land mates. Im prepared to enter into a 1 year trial term for interested people. Longer stays can be negotiated after that year.

My idea of Ideal land mates are honest and open, have a strong work ethic, sense of adventure and playfulness, are self motivated, have some sort of income potential or financial independence (more or less depending on your needs of course), and a variety of homesteading skills such as basic carpentry, sustainable gardening/farming, tool use and safety, irrigation basics, basic to advanced permaculture ideas, food preservation knowledge, and an ability to communicate well. I have lots of resources, tools and know how to share but I’m time constrained… so I’m not looking for an apprenticeship but people who can manage themselves. Basically this would be someone with the skills and mindset to love and care for the land in a way that is improving conditions suitable to a variety of life from the soil up. That said, even if you dont necessarily have all these skills, if you are eager and capable,
and willing to work at it we may could arrange something.

I would support and encourage a land based income operation for individuals interested, as long as its not depleting to the land. I hope to build a certified kitchen in the near future where I can process garden veggies to sale at market.

Couples and kids are welcome.

About me. Im 39, dad to a lively 4 year old son I keep part time and he is my number one priority. Im even tempered, serious when needed but like to have fun and dont really get stressed easily. I get along with most anyone as long as I can trust them and reliably get time to myself when needed.

I’ve been part time homesteading for years, growing much of our own food on this land. Staples include crowder peas, greens, and sweet potatoes but I try many other things if time permits. I milked goats for years and had chickens but decided they weren’t conducive to my ​current lifestyle. If there were a shared responsibility in their management Id love to incorporate more animals. Lately my interest has been on perennials and fruit and nut trees, and on deepening the pond for fish and swimming.

Im very interested in alternative energy and have ideas and projects I’d love help on.

There are a community of others with shared values in this area that I’ve found refuge in but we are all separated by miles, working different patches of land. We get together for work days, potlucks and such, which is nice, but I hope to find more daily, intimate interaction with people that share some of my interests and values.

Im open to more than 1 couple or individuals so if any of this strikes a chord and you think we may be a good match please contact me and ill send an application/questionaire to dig deeper into the details. For the safety of my son and others that may be living here I will require several references and more or less inquiry into your background.

Thanks, Thomas

Educational Opportunities: I am willing to teach what I know, which is a fair amount about alot of things but this posting is not your typical internship as I'm looking for folks with some sense of what they are doing already and an ability to take the reigns in certain areas

Skills Desired: Yes, mentioned in the main body

Meals: The food we grow will be available to you... occasionally we may share meals and cooking but that's probably not going to be the norm... most of of the time you will be responsible for your meals

Stipend: There is a possibility of earned income depending on your skills

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: Email