Tucker Family Farm Dairy

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, Montana ,

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    Email: tyler@tuckerfamilyfarm.com

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    Email: tyler@tuckerfamilyfarm.com

    Email: tyler@tuckerfamilyfarm.com

Website: http://www.tuckerfamilyfarm.com


Internship information
General Farm Description: "Tucker Family Farm is a sheep dairy and creamery. We milk sheep year around to produce milk for our creamery to make cheese. This cheese is sold in locally and statewide. We also raise lambs to be sold in our local markets. We graze our dairy flock and lambs during the growing season and feed locally sourced hay during the winter month. In addition, we raise a few pigs during the summer months."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 12/20/2018
Internship Ends: 12/20/2019
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 11/30/2018
Minimum Length of Stay: "Ideally 1 year, but sometimes less"

Internship Details:

“This internship is designed for individuals wanting to start a dairy career. This can either be working for another dairy or starting your own dairy. By the end of the 1 year apprenticeship you would have the skills to do necessary tasks as a milker, farmhand, or the base knowledge for having your own dairy. The information outlined on this site are the essentials, if you are interested, please contact us to receive our application along with detailed information about this internship.”

Educational Opportunities: "You will learn proper milking procedures, parlor maintenance and repair, lambing, care of sick animals, feeding of a medium size flock, flock management, breeding procedures, farm equipment maintenance, trailer and tractor driving skills, and how to be an impactful team member. "

Skills Desired: "Previous experience is not necessary but is helpful. There are a few things required however; individuals applying must be able to work long hard days, you must enjoy difficult work, learning new tasks, and be able to take constructive criticism to improve your work. In addition, we have found that a persons attitude is far more important than previous skill. You need to have the desire to learn, and be willing to put in the time and effort to learn. All this must be done with a good attitude, and the desire to help the farm and your teammates."

Meals: "Meals will be prepared by yourselves. We have a kitchen available on farm to use. Breakfast and dinner will be during your own time, but we will have lunch together. "

Stipend: "We follow the State of Montana's rules in regards to internship practices. Interns will receive housing, workers compensation benefits, and a once a month stipend (mandated to be once a month by Montana State Law) of $725. This far exceeds the minimum requirements of the state for intern employees on a farm. In addition, you will also receive meat and cheese when available, and the educational experience to perform on a dairy."

Housing: "We have both on farm and off farm housing. On farm housing consists of two campers with access to the bunkhouse bathroom, kitchen and living and dining area. The bunkhouse also has 1 room available. We also rent off farm. This is a simple apartment that is 3 miles from the farm."

Preferred method of Contact: email