Whetstone Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
281 135th St.
Amery, Wisconsin, 54001

Primary Contact: Emily Hanson
Secondary Contact: Klaus Zimmermann Mayo

Primary Phone:
    Number: 612-718-5281
    Email: whetstonefarmers@gmail.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 651-318-9470

Website: http://whetstonefarm.com

Internship information
General Farm Description: We grow organic vegetables and raise 100% grass fed sheep and cattle on our diversified farm in western WI. We have two kiddos aged 6 and 3 who run wild on the farm. Our animals are rotationally grazed and we use no-till and low-till practices in our vegetable field. We are also investing in perennials and trying to build a bigger vision of a land trust and collective farming model here. We are two miles from the best swimming hole on the Apple River and are surrounded by many other excellent small farms within 10 miles.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: April/May 2021
Internship Ends: early November 2021
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: 5.5 months

Internship Details:

We are looking for a full-time field hand (or field manager if we can find someone with experience). We are starting our own small CSA this year after years of wholesaling most of our vegetables. Tasks will include all manner of bed prep (broadfork and/or chisel plow, raking), planting, cultivation, harvesting, washing and packing of vegetables. We are also looking to fill a part-time livestock position.

Educational Opportunities: There are myriad other farms in our neighborhood where you could tour and explore other farming interests. There are classes at Farm Table in Amery.

Skills Desired: Would love to find someone with at least one season of vegetable experience, more preferred?

Meals: Lunch with the crew is included. We often share dinner but breakfast and some dinners will be on your own or with other workers.

Stipend: We pay on an hourly basis. $8/hour starting pay, with increase up to $10 for first year.

Housing: Yes. We have a small house and will be installing another small cabin as employee housing.

Preferred method of Contact: email or text