Whiffletree Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
8717 Springs Road
Warrenton, Virginia , 20186

Primary Contact: Jesse Straight
Secondary Contact: Jonathan Elliott

Primary Phone:
    Number: 5402295192
    Email: jessestraight@gmail.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 7039893137
    Email: jselliott4y@gmail.com

    Email: jselliott4y@gmail.com

Website: https://www.whiffletreefarmva.com/

Internship information
General Farm Description: We raise pastured chickens, turkeys, eggs, pork, and beef--very much inspired and modeled after Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm. 100% grassfed beef. Everything on fresh pasture. No drugs, chemicals, or GMO feeds, etc. We process all our own poultry. We raise around 10,000 chickens, 2,000 laying hens, 120 pigs, 800 turkeys, and graze around 100 beef cattle. Additionally, we have made Whiffletree a hub of excellently-raised, locally-raised, Weston Price-friendly products beyond what we raise by sourcing from our friends (lamb, organic veggies, raw honey, organic herbal teas, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.)! We sell to local restaurants, from our Farm Store, in collaboration with other farms, and in our northern Virginia to Charlottesville buying clubs.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: April 1, 2020 or August 1, 2020
Internship Ends: July 1, 2020 or November 1, 2020
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: March 15, 2020
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 months

Internship Details:

The summer internship is a 4 month program (April through July or August through November), though we are happy to consider other month periods, designed to give you the skills necessary to start your own poultry, pork, and/or beef business. While preference is given to those who can stay the full 4 months, we are willing to consider candidates who can only stay for a shorter period of time – just reach out to us!

We work hard. 50 hours/week is normal. 6:00am-5:30pm Monday through Saturday with 45 minute breaks for breakfast and lunch, and one and a half weekdays off. Just minimal chores on Sunday (usually 2-3 hours). So an intern is working 5 days/week. On rare occasions, we have to work late as need arises.

Interns get 5 vacation days during the 7 months. We ask that you give us 2 weeks or more notice about vacation days, for our planning purposes.

The work mostly entails moving, feeding, and watering the animals, cleaning eggs, processing chickens (every Wednesday from May to November) building and maintaining infrastructure, making deliveries, helping customers in the Farm Store, record keeping, and getting resources (feed, bedding, etc.)–though you would have to be willing to do anything. You will become well versed in the pertinent farm practices of raising all our animals.

Educational Opportunities: It is our goal that you would become well versed in all the pertinent practices of our sustainable farm operation. Interns have exposure to all the animal work on a daily basis. An intern would know this well by the end of his or her session. Towards learning the business side of the enterprise, I am happy to share all the ins and outs of how we operate (marketing, customer service, record keeping, sourcing, etc.). It will be up to you to bring forward business related questions (verbally or in written form). Additionally, because we source and offer products we do not raise from a diverse group of farming friends, interns have exposure to many knowledgeable farmers and farms who are doing the things we are not. The goal would be for you to leave knowing the farm and business model to set you up well to start your own business. We will also happily serve as ongoing consultants (free of charge) for any farming enterprise you take on after the internship.

Skills Desired: No specific work experience or skills or required. However, a good attitude, strong character, and determination are necessary.

Meals: No. Interns cook for themselves, though we do have monthly farm potlucks.

Stipend: Yes. We offer a $800/month stipend and a $800 bonus upon completion of the full 4 months.

Housing: Yes. We have a spacious male intern apartment that can comfortably house 4. We have a female intern cottage that can house 2.

Preferred method of Contact: Email