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Analyzing Forage Quality for Grazing Cows

March 22, 2019
Kimberton, Pennsylvania
This half-day workshop from PASA will discuss how to understand and evaluate forage quality for a grass-fed dairy herd with the help of a farmer who has begun closely studying his forage. Also, Penn State Extension Forage Specialist Jessica Williamson will help attendees better understand how to read and evaluate forage tests and will discuss best management practices for optimizing forage quality both in the field and in the barn.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Maine Grass Farmers Network Annual Grazing Conference

March 23, 2019
Kennebec, Maine
This one-day event features keynotes by pasture-based livestock producer Steve Sinisi and cattle producer and land manager Morgan Hartman. There will be concurrent sessions on a variety of topics, including composting manure and mortalities, 3-D printing for grazing tools, pastured poultry, and grazing technology.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Colorful Harvest: From Feeding to Nourishing a Growing World

March 26-27, 2019
Washington, DC
The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture presents this two-day Horticulture Research for Development Conference that gathers the latest innovations and top researchers in the growing field of horticulture for development. Fruits and vegetables offer farmers promising returns even on small plots of land, while providing needed micronutrients to their families, communities and regions. But successfully growing and selling high-value horticultural crops requires local research capacity, knowledgeable producers, and technological innovation that can hurdle rural infrastructure challenges. This conference is invitation-only, but an application to attend is available online.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Sustainable Livestock Production Workshop

April 29, 2019
Enfield, Connecticut
The University of Connecticut Extension's 2019 workshop series on pasture management and infrastructure and the nutritional needs of livestock raised on pasture continues with this morning session on nutritional management of pasture-raised animals. Topics include pasturing versus confinement systems, nutritional challenges of raising animals on pasture, multi-species grazing, and forage quality.
In: Northeast SARE Region


New England Farm to Institution Summit

April 2-4, 2019
Amherst, Massachusetts
The 2019 New England Farm to Institution Summit is designed for food service operators, people who work at institutions, and local food advocates as well as farmers, processors, and distributors. The goal is to maximize collective impact and overcome challenges to buying more local food. The summit will feature programming that focuses on farm to school, farm to campus, farm to corrections, and farm to health care, as well as cross-sector themes.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Tractor Safety on the Farm

April 5, 2019
Coal Center, Pennsylvania
Join PASA and Penn State Extension Ag Safety and Health at this one-day workshop on tractor safety for farmers and farm managers.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Utilizing Annuals to Finish High Quality Meats

April 6, 2019
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
At this half-day workshop from Future Harvest CASA, join Michael Heller, Farm Manager at Clagett Farm, Jeff Semler of Maryland Extension, and Brian Campell of NRCS for a hands-on look at how to incorporate annuals into pasture for high quality meats. This event will include an evaluation of the use of winter, fall, and summer annuals in one of Clagett's annual pasture fields, followed by a walk-through pasture scoring demonstration.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Biological Controls for Better Integrated Pest Management

April 9, 2019
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
This full-day intensive offered by PASA will help you harness the power of natural systems to better control pests and disease on your farm. Learn to identify pests and beneficial insects, control common insect pests, manage disease on leaves and roots, and safely and effectively use biological products.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Slow Poultry School

April 13, 2019
Ripley, West Virginia
This eight-hour seminar by the Sustainable Poultry Network provides an overview and strategy for developing sustainable poultry production. Learn how to start effectively breeding, growing, and marketing poultry products that are both sustainable and profitable.
In: Northeast SARE Region


The Family Cow

April 14, 2019
Randolph, Vermont
This afternoon workshop at Earthwise Farm and Forest is designed to help you navigate the new and exciting world of owning and caring for a family cow and calf. This may also be an entry point for you to get into selling raw milk from the farm, or having a beef animal. Class participants will have an opportunity for some hands-on learning and a handout will provide you with basic need-to-know information.
In: Northeast SARE Region


Northern Nut Growers Association and Pennsylvania Nut Growers Association Spring Meeting

April 27, 2019
Wrightstown, New Jersey
This Nut Growers Spring Meeting will feature presentations on black walnut, pawpaw, hazelnut trees for truffles, and the spotted lantern fly, a nut-tree pest. After morning presentations, participants will visit a nut and fruit tree orchard in nearby Jobstown, New Jersey.
In: Northeast SARE Region


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