Examining The Organic System Plan

A producer applying for organic certification must develop a farm plan. This webinar explains what information producers need to provide when they submit their farm plan to an organic certifying agent.

The presenters are Mary Ellen Holliman, Coordinator for Organic Certification with the Texas Department of Agriculture and Skip Connett, owner of Green Gate Farms in Austin, Texas.

The webinar is intended mainly for Texas specialty crop growers, but will be of interest to people outside of Texas too. The webinar is one of a series. An earlier webinar, “Organic Certification Basics,” also is available on the ATTRA website. The two webinars complement each other, and we suggest watching both of them, but each one stands on its own and may be viewed alone.

Funding for these webinars is provided by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program as administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and the Organic Transitions Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture.