Learn how to Cover, Push, Pull, Pop! That is the FAMACHA scoring technique that determines the degree of Barber Pole Worm (Haemonchus contortus) infection in sheep, goats and camelids. This how to video emphasizes FAMACHA scoring Out West with large flocks of small ruminants. Discover how it is easy and financially rewarding to ascertain the degree of infection in your flock. FAMACHA scoring saves you money in deworming only the lambs and ewes that are actually infected (often 80 percent of the infection is concentrated in 20 percent of the flock). It also allows you to set up a refugia that will greatly slow the resistance of Haemonchus to your limited array of dewormers. Find out how to get FAMACHA training and your FAMACHA Score Card, including the brand new Online FAMACHA Certification offered by the University of Rhode Island. If you have lush pastures, you will have Haemonchus. This video is for you.