Farm-Scale Biodiesel Production: Taxes and Financial Incentives

Farm-Scale Biodiesel Production: Taxes and Financial Incentives, the third in ATTRAs biodiesel webinar series, provides useful information about the federal and state fuel excise taxes that apply to biodiesel. The webinar also covers excise tax refunds for off-road use and exemptions and incentives that might apply to farm-scale biodiesel production. It also provides recordkeeping information and resources that are helpful in properly paying fuel excise taxes or qualifying for refunds or incentives.

The webinar was presented by NCAT biodiesel specialist Al Kurki and National Agriculture Law Center staff attorneys Shannon Mirus and Rusty Rumley.

For more basic information about brewing your own biodiesel, check out our first two webinars in the series: DIY Biodiesel: Keeping It Safe, Keeping It Legal and Getting Started in Farm-Scale Biodiesel Production.