Out in the Orchard

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I couldn't figure out where to ask this question so I will just toss it in general. Who else out there has a orchard as part of their farm. Just to start the conversation I put in a small diversified orchard geared toward giving me the longest production to supply the local farmers market. Many of my small fruits start in June and I go till Nov with apples. I am always looking for new fruits to add to my orchard.
Jeb, WA zone 7


  • Hi -- we have a small diversified orchard as part of our farm. It was originally planted in 1954 and amazingly many of the original apple trees are still bearing plentifully. We've filled in the gaps of missing trees with stone fruits, persimmon, pears, and new apple varieties to supplement the original trees. This year we're having a professional come help with some corrective pruning of our old trees -- it will be great to see how they respond (although it will take a couple years to see the results). Carol, California, zone 9.
  • One of the things I'm doing differently these days is experimenting with "zone 8" plants since the changing climate has rendered our zone 7 climate warmer. I can now grow muscadines (at least some) and, so far, figs. I'm experimenting with pomegranate, persian mulberries, and I have a couple of acquaintances nearby who are working, with some success, with Asian persimmons. Climate change got anyone else doing anything differently?
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