Cover Crop Cocktails

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What cover crop cocktail works for your pasture and why?


  • not sure what you are asking? cover crop before planting a pasture? a cover crop used to help smother weeds right after breaking old pasture and before planting crops?

    or are we just talking about classic off season cover crops in between production of annual crops?

    i personally lean towards a 5 year rotation with 4/5 of the field in permanent herbal leys managed with grazing animals. then the remaining 1/5 is available for annual crops
  • I am interested in no till planting a small grain with some perannual Rye and or intermediate rye grass into an existing overgrazed birds foot trefoil pasture this spring. I hope to get it in early, and if the stand is good enough I would be able to combine the grain in July and be able to use the straw that would contain a fair amount of legume hay. This would make ok feed for my overwintering stock cows and bred ewes.
    Randy Cutler
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