‘Farmer’s Footprint’ Documentary Series Launches

A documentary series from the grassroots regenerative agriculture movement Farmer’s Footprint, powered by Seraphic Group, has launched with a 20-minute film that was named a Vimeo “Staff Pick.” Each short film in the series visits a farming family that is transitioning into a future of renewed food independence and economic viability through regenerative agriculture. The inaugural film in the series, Farmer’s Footprint: The Beginning, showcases the trials, lessons learned, and gratifying victories of the four-generation Breitkreutz family of Stoney Creek Farm in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, as they navigate away from conventional practices to regenerative agriculture. Over decades of using conventional methods, the family had seen their soils degrade and their input costs rise each year. But just a few years of embracing regenerative practices has healed their land while cutting their costs.