Farmers for Soil Health Partnership Announces $13.6 Million in Grants to Help Farmers

Farmers for Soil Health is awarding more than $13.6 million in new grants to help agricultural producers implement voluntary conservation practices on farms across 19 states. The grants are supported with a portion of the $95 million awarded by the USDA Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities to Farmers for Soil Health, a collaboration between National Corn Growers Association, United Soybean Board, National Pork Producers, and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) as the fiduciary partner. The 12 recipients of these grants are state corn and soy commodity organizations or their designated partners. The funding will be used to help farmers plan and implement cover crop systems on fields in corn and soybean rotations. Grantees will also help farmers enroll in the incentive payment and marketplace options. This is the first NFWF grant announcement as part of the Farmers for Soil Health partnership. NFWF expects to award at least one more technical assistance grant in 2023.