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FARRMS Launches Mentorship Program for North Dakota Farmers

The Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resource Management and Sustainability (FARRMS) is offering a mentorship program for beginning farmers in North Dakota. Farmers choose to participate either as a mentor or mentee. Mentees build a lasting relationship and grow in skills and knowledge. Mentors grow in interpersonal and educational skills after having participated in FARRMS’ professional development material and after having guided a mentee in learning for one calendar year. Through this 12-month program, mentors will engage in monthly contact with their mentee for a total of 15 hours of communication, including one site visit each to the mentee’s and mentor’s farm. Mentors are given a $400 stipend for their time, a training scholarship and workshop opportunities, plus mileage reimbursement for any travel incurred. FARRMS is accepting applications from both mentors and mentees, for three different mentorship cycles.