Five Guidelines to Improve Soil Health and Increase Water Holding Capacity

Please join NCAT’s Soil for Water initiative, in collaboration with The City of San Antonio and The Edwards Aquifer Authority, for a webinar on the five soil health principles. Application of these principles can lay the foundation for improved ecosystem health and aquifer recharge.

In this webinar, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialists, Kara Kroeger and Colin Mitchell, will present to the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program easement landowners how to practically apply the five soil health principles. You will learn relevant approaches you can put in place to start improving soil health, including how to take soil samples and monitor how your progress over time. We will also take your questions and ask to hear pertinent land management success stories that you may wish to share with others.

The Soil for Water initiative aims to catch and hold more water in the soil and foster opportunities for peer-to-peer learning regarding land management. Please visit the Soil for Water website to learn more.

The Five Soil Health Principles help:

  • Reduce erosion and soil losses
  • Increase biological diversity above and below ground
  • Improve forage quality
  • Recycle plant nutrients
  • Build soil organic matter
  • Sequester atmospheric carbon
  • Restore water cycles