Free Training Tools Available to Address Sexual Harassment of Farmworkers

Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) has collaborated with Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center to support the development of a worksite training and toolkit, ¡Basta! Preventing Sexual Harassment in Agriculture. The toolkit features videos in both English and Spanish, as well as educational materials that can be used in workplaces (posters, shareable graphics, and a detailed fact sheet). The PNASH team worked for six years and engaged more than 48 different stakeholders in the development—including farmworkers, grower associations, health care advocates, human rights organizations, state and federal agencies, farmworker rights groups, private businesses and nonprofits like Equitable Food Initiative. “This is the first program created by and for agricultural stakeholders to address the prevention of sexual harassment, and we tailored it to the needs of Latino/a/x farmworkers, growers and supervisors,” explained Dr. Jody Early, a professor at University of Washington who worked on the project.