Fruit and Nut Compass Aids in Planning Perennial Crops

A new farm-business planning tool is available online to help both new and experienced producers project the financial costs and returns from an enterprise focused on perennial crops. The Fruit and Nut Compass was developed by John Hendrickson, Matt Raboin, Jim Munsch, and Leah Potter-Weight in collaboration with the Savanna Institute and the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) at the University of Wisconsin, with support from SARE. The tool is available as a free, downloadable Excel file where the user enters information based on their specific plans to assess whether their enterprise will be profitable. Because perennial fruit and nut crops take three to seven years to mature, it’s important to conduct careful planning to make sure the long-term investment will be able to recoup investment costs, and this tool is designed to help with that analysis.