Fund-a-Farmer Grant Recipients Announced

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), a national nonprofit that promotes the safe and humane production of meat, milk, and eggs, announced the award of more than $94,000 in Fund-a-Farmer Grants to 38 independent family farmers across the country. The grants, ranging from $600 to $5,000, were awarded for projects that improve farm animal welfare and build capacity, with farmers increasing the environmental and financial sustainability of their operations. The grants this year included 20 Pasture Improvement Grants, 11 Animal Welfare Certification Grants, and seven Capacity Building Grants. A recent survey of previous grant recipients found that 91% of the projects still are in use, 95% had highly improved animal welfare, and 91% had improved the farms’ financial sustainability by improving profits, creating recurring cost savings, and increasing their customer bases. Individual farmers also report improved water and grazing management that led to pasture regeneration and healthier soil.