Gabe Brown: Farming in Nature’s Image

Gabe Brown: Farming in Nature’s Image
Gabe Brown speaking at the Connecting Soils and Profits: No-till, Cover Crops, Soil Health, & Grazing Conference held in Danville, PA, March 18, 2015.
*Featuring Gabe Brown, A Local Producer Panel, NCAT & Extension Specialists*

Gabe is a nationally renowned speaker and pioneer in the soil health movement that is currently creating quite a buzz among producers.

Gabe & his family operate a 5000 acre diversified operation, near Bismarck, ND, that includes crops, pasture, and beef cattle.

His operation focuses on regeneration of soils and farm resources using a systems approach which includes no-till, diverse crop rotations, diverse species cover crops, and grazing.
His success with this systems approach has made him a true “low cost producer”, giving him the ability to move beyond sustainable.