GAP Standards and Food Safety – Podcast

In this episode, Rock Woods, director of the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s Gulf States Office in Jackson, Mississippi, talks with Dr. William Evans concerning Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards. Dr. Evans is the director of horticulture with Up in Farms LLC.

Up in Farms is a food hub located in Jackson.

Up in Farms coordinates production schedules with farmers based upon the demand by regional buyers, such as grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and commercial distributors.

Up in Farms also provides support and training necessary to deliver high-quality products on time and at a sustainable price. Additionally, the hub aggregates produce directly from farmers in Mississippi to its warehouse in Jackson. The warehouse is designed to wash, grade, pack, cool, and store fresh produce – activities that can be prohibitively expensive for many individual farms.

Rock and Dr. Evans talk about the history of GAP, its purpose, and its relationship to other agricultural standards such as the Food Safety Management Act (FSMA) and the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

Rock also has a conversation with Calvin Head, director of Mileston Cooperative in Tchula, Mississippi. Mr. Head talks about the factors that led the agricultural cooperative to adopt GAP standards.

You can get in touch directly with Rock Woods via email at

Up in Farms LLC website.

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