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General Mills Announces Regenerative Agriculture Pilot with Kansas Wheat Growers

General Mills has launched a three-year regenerative agriculture pilot with 24 farmers in Kansas’ Cheney Reservoir watershed. The company targeted this watershed in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to improve water quality as part of the state-wide Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy. The growers were selected from participants who attended one of two, two-day Soil Health Academies in early November. The Understanding Ag consultants are meeting individually with each pilot participant to co-develop and implement regenerative management plans. Participating farmers will have access to continuing education via the Soil Health Academy, farmer-focused field days and a private Facebook group to encourage ongoing exchange of ideas and best practices. The company also announced that an additional 18 growers in Kansas will receive support to enroll in the Soil Health Partnership Associate Program to study outcomes of reduced or no tillage and cover cropping.