Grass-finished Beef: Production & Marketing

Grass-finished beef can command higher market prices and help a rancher’s bottom line. During this webinar you’ll learn how ranchers are using more pasture and less grain to produce high quality beef, and how ranchers who raise grass-finished beef find ways compete in the market place. Several challenges in grass-based meat production exist, especially for small-scale producers who have a hard time finding access to processing plants and penetrating local markets.

Presenters for this webinar were NCAT agriculture specialists Jeff Schahczenski and Lee Rinehart. Jeff Schahczenski, an agriculture economist in NCAT’s Montana office, has expertise in agricultural public policy and alternative livestock marketing. Lee Rinehart, a former extension agent and beef cattle ranch manager, works out of NCAT’s Northeast Regional Office, providing technical assistance to farmer and ranchers on sustainable pasture management.