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Community Wood Energy Program

Supporting community wood energy planning

Program Basics
The Community Wood Energy Program creates a new program to provide State, Tribal, and local governments support in developing community wood energy plans. Competitive grants are also available to acquire community wood energy systems and/or technical assistance for public facilities that use woody biomass as the primary fuel.

The program can provide support for conducting a woody biomass resource assessments and designing a monitoring plan. Assistance includes expanding an understanding of the technology available to achieve the best thermal efficiency to convert wood fuel for heating and cooling of buildings. This assistance can also include combined heat and power systems. The program affords an opportunity to better use wood from forest management activities, wood collected from municipalities (thus saving landfill space), and woody material from diseased and storm-damaged trees and construction sites. These are ongoing activities that can yield valuable sources of fuel to help offset the demand for fossil fuels.

Project Examples
As of this printing, the agency has not received any dollars to implement the program. For more information related to this topic area visit

Application and Financial Information
Grants will support systems that are smaller then 5 million Btu per hour for heating and/or 2 megawatts for electric power production as directed by statute. At least a 50 percent match is required from Non-Federal funds for grants. Technical assistance will be based on previous work and commitment to future work demonstrated by the applicant. The program is authorized $5 million annually when funded. Grant awards are limited to $50,000 by statute.

Eligibility, Uses, and Restrictions
The Community Wood Energy Program will provide competitive grants and/or direct technical assistance to encourage the development of community wood energy plans and/or acquire or upgrade community wood energy systems.

Assistance will be directed to State, Tribal, and local governments. To ensure sustainability of wood energy systems within the capacity of the landscape, a community wood energy plan will be required before program dollars can be used to acquire equipment.

Contact Information
US Forest Service
State and Private Forestry
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250-0003
Phone: (202)205-1657

Last Updated January 26, 2010

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