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Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program (RCDG)

Providing grants for establishing and operating centersfor cooperative development

Program Basics
Rural Cooperative Development Grants are made for establishing and operating centers for cooperative development to improve the economic condition of rural areas by developing new cooperatives and improving operations of existing cooperatives. The USDA aims to encourage and stimulate the development of effective cooperative organizations in rural America as a part of its total package of rural development efforts. In Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09), RCDG received $5.9 million, and in FY10 it received $11.4 million in federal appropriations.

Project Examples
Examples of cooperative development activities that could be funded under this program include:

Eligibility, Uses, and Restrictions
Nonprofit corporations and institutions of higher education are eligible to receive grants. Grants may go to eligible recipients in rural areas to form and operate centers for cooperative development — for providing education, research, and technical assistance to rural cooperatives and assisting the cooperative development process.

Grants may be awarded for up to 75 percent of the total cost of the project. The applicant must contribute at least 25 percent from nonfederal sources.

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are based on specific selection criteria. These criteria are published each year in Federal Register notices. Preference will be given to applications that:

Groups may seek financial, legal, or other assistance from a RCDG-funded center for a cooperative venture. To find the center serving your multi-state region, visit this website and click on "grant recipients."

Andrew Jermolowicz
Assistant Deputy Administrator, Cooperative Programs
USDA Rural Development
Phone: (202) 720-7558

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