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Rural Collaborative Investment Program (RCIP)

Funding regional rural and economic development

Program Basics
Section 6028 of the 2008 Farm Bill authorized the establishment of a Rural Collaborative Investment Program (RCIP) within the USDA. The RCIP would encourage multi-sector (regional) community and economic development across rural America. Regional development efforts promote the crafting of broad development strategies, provide efficiency in obtaining professional and technical assistance needed for the implementation of those strategies, and encourage collaboration among the various funding entities, including USDA.

The Program is to be administered through a National Rural Investment Board, consisting of 14 members appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. The Board would certify the eligibility of Regional Boards and provide technical assistance and grants to support the Boards. The statute also authorizes the National Board to establish a National Institute on Regional Rural Competiveness and Entrepreneurship, which would provide analytical and programmatic support to the National and Regional Boards.

Grants provided by the National Board could be used to:

NOTE: While Congress authorized the expenditure of up to $135 million for Fiscal Years 2009 through 2012, no funds have yet been provided by the Appropriations Committees for the RCIP.


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