ATTRA's COVID-19 statement

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Help Shape Future Innovation in U.S. Agriculture

Join NCAT, the Organic Seed Alliance, and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for a virtual listening session on June 30, 2020, to help shape agricultural research priorities for the next three decades. At 10 am (PT), participants will have the opportunity to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities for optimizing agricultural productivity and resilience, strengthening economic viability, and decreasing the environmental impact of our nation’s farms and ranches. Your input will be shared with the USDA to directly influence the department’s Agricultural Innovation Agenda, including objectives for public- and private-sector research and development. We will also help participants submit their own comments directly to USDA. Farmers, ranchers, researchers, conservationists, and others interested in shaping the direction of USDA-funded research are encouraged to attend. Registration is required.