High Tunnel Grapes: Trellising & Training

In this video we show you how to prune and train young grape vines to a trellis system in a high tunnel with Horticulture Professor Dr. Elena Garcia from the University of Arkansas. For this demonstration, we are using the Geneva Double Curtain trellis system and a Modified Double High Cordon system in a Haygrove high tunnel at Barnhill Orchards in Lonoke, Arkansas. There are many advantages to growing grapes in a high tunnel in the Southeast, including higher yield, better fruit quality, and decreased disease pressure. This video was produced by NCAT and is part of the High Tunnel Grape Project, funded by Southern SARE and led by the University of Arkansas in collaboration with Cooperative Extension, NCAT, and the Arkansas Association of Grape Growers. Future videos will discuss pruning, harvest, and pest management for high tunnel grapes.