How can goats be used for vegetation management?

J.B. MontanaAnswer: These are some of our favorite resources on the subject of vegetation management with goats. Two chapters from the Targeted Grazing Manual (available on-line and by ordering from the American Sheep Industry) regarding information for providers of land enhancement. These are written by providers with years of experience. The handbook is available for the low cost of $25 and includes the material in both printed form and on a CD. Copies can be ordered by calling ASI at 303-771-3500, ext. 32 or by email at University has an on-line handbook for goat production, that includes a chapter on Goats for Vegetation Management, by Steve Hart. This one is mostly for those using goats to control weeds on their own place.The Livestock for Landscapes website includes a list of providers of prescribed grazing services. A CD called Goats! For Firesafe Homes and Wildland Areas by Kathy Voth is also available via the website. ($25). Articles included from the Handbook are:Business Planning and Marketing (7 pages)Goat Calculator (4 pages)Managing a Goat Work Force (3 pages)Steps for Starting (4 pages)Contracting Considerations (5 pages)Decision memoPonderosa Park Vegetation TreatmentSupplemental Specifications for Chaparral Vegetation Treatment Maintenance, Using GoatsCamp planAn article about Kathy Voth’s Firesafe Project, In: Fire Science Brief, Issue 34. January 2009.