How can I identify the disease that is affecting my apples?

Answer: There are several key diseases that affect apple production, such as fire blight, apple scab, cedar apply rust, summer rots, sooty blotch, and fly speck. In order to properly treat these diseases, it’s important to first correctly identify them. To this end, ATTRA created Apple Identification Sheet: Apple Diseases. It includes color photos of several diseases, provides helpful information on how and when the diseases occur, and offers organic and low-spray control recommendations.For a more complete discussion, consult the ATTRA publication Apples: Organic Production Guide. This publication provides information on organic apple production from recent research and producer experience. Many aspects of apple production are the same whether the grower uses low-spray, organic, or conventional management. Accordingly, this publication focuses on the aspects that differ from nonorganic practices?primarily pest and disease control, marketing, and economics. It introduces the major apple insect pests and diseases and the most effective organic management methods. It also includes farmer profiles of working orchards and a section dealing with economic and marketing considerations. There is an extensive list of resources for information and supplies and an appendix on disease-resistant apple varieties.