How can I stop blackbirds from eating my seeded corn?

W.Z. New YorkAnswer: Listed below are publications and articles discussing various methods of control for crows and blackbirds. Several discuss the seed treatments and repellents that have been used over the years to control bird damage to corn seed and seedlings. Some of the documents list repellants that might no longer be available. According to the publication Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage–1994 “Blackbirds,” the registration of these treatments changes continually, and you should check with your county Extension agent or the USDA-APHIS Animal Damage Control biologists the see which products are currently registered for use.ResourcesAnon. 1998. Controlling wildlife damage to corn. Michigan State University Extension. November 2o. 7 p. Boucher, Jude. No Date. Corn rootworm or crow damage? University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management. 3 p., Richard A. 1994. Blackbirds. Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage–1994. p. E-25 to E-32. Gauthier, Norman L. No date. Crows and how to minimize their damage. University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management. 2 p., Allen, F. Robert Henderson, and Charles D. Lee. 1988. Understanding crow damage control. Kansas State University Extension. December. 8 p.