How much black oil sunflower can I use in poultry feed?

A.O. OhioAnswer: Black oil or other sunflowers should be avoided above 10% of the diet for younger and developing poultry, due to the high levels of fiber. Even for adult poultry the fiber levels may be excessive. However, sunflower seeds are used as a mid-level nutritional feed ingredient that would replace corn and full-fat soy products equally. In other words, if you were to use 100 pounds of sunflower you would replace 50 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of full-fat soy in the feed mix. In the poultry feed recipe found in the publication Pastured Poultry Nutrition (available in hard copy from ATTRA at (800) 346-9140), this substitution of sunflower for corn and full-fat soy can be done with up to 200-250 pounds of sunflower per ton of feed.