Financial Records

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education
(SARE) Farm Internship Curriculum and Handbook


Tom and Maud Powell and Michael Moss, Sustainable Farmers, Jackson County, OR.
Technical advisor: Tim Franklin, Jacksonville, OR.
Curriculum advisor: Peter O’Connell, Jacksonville, OR.
Web advisor: National Center for Appropriate Technology, Butte, MT.

Published 2007
Updated 2010


Financial Records

Learning Objectives
The learner will…

  • …examine various purposes of maintaining financial records.
  • …review typical income categories and expense categories essential to proper record keeping.


Purpose of Maintaining Financial Records

  • Taxes
  • Tracking the farm’s financial progress
  • A tool for future planning




  • Receipts – for all purchased inputs, tools, seeds, etc
  • Ledger – to track expenses and income, derive profit or loss


Income Categories


  • Sale of produce, grain, seed crops, livestock, etc.
  • Sale of plants or nursery stock
  • Cooperative distributions
  • Custom hire and consultation
  • Misc. payments


Expense Categories

  • Vehicle – acquisition, maintenance and repair
  • Equipment – acquisition, maintenance, and repair
  • Custom hire
  • Depreciation on equipment, buildings, fencing, implements, vehicles
  • Feed
  • Inputs
  • Fuel
  • Insurance – vehicles, buildings, crops, liability
  • Seeds
  • Plants and nursery stock
  • Supplies
  • Labor
  • Utilities
  • Rental/lease
  • Mortgage
  • Interest on loans
  • Marketing


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