Internship FAQ

I’m new here and want to list my internship opportunity.

Please follow this link.


Why have your fees changed to list an internship?

NCAT has re-structured the internship database fees to better serve you. The one-day fee was not flexible enough for most of our users, and created challenges. Our new fee structure includes a $7 option that provides you with a full seven days to create and edit your listing. It also provides a low-cost annual fee option: $20 gives you year-round access to your listing for updates and revisions. We hope these changes offer a better platform for all our users. Please drop us a note to let us know how it is working.


How do I log in? My account is no longer working.

This probably means you haven’t created an account. To do so, please follow these steps:

    • First, go to the registration page and enter your email address
    • Click the Register button
    • Follow the instructions we sent to your email inbox


My internship listing is missing. How do I find it?

We’ve removed many of the duplicate and really old internship listings. If you can’t find yours and you’d like to reinstate it, please register an account (if you haven’t already) and reach out to our support team. (for faster service, please include your username and the name of your farm in the email).

NOTE: All internship submissions are reviewed before being posted to the website. This ensures clarity and good user experience. We post new internships every weekday morning. If you post over the weekend, it’ll be added on Monday. Thanks for your patience and for using our service.


How do I create a new internship listing?

To create a new internship listing, go to the Post an Internship page. The page is also is located in the main navigation menu under Internships.


I need to step away from my computer, but I am not finished creating my listing. What do I do?

To save a draft when creating or editing a listing, click the Save Draft button at the bottom of the form. When you come back to continue editing the draft, login and follow the My Internships link in your dashboard, then select the Draft tab and click the pencil icon.


How do I edit my existing internship?

To edit your internship listing, login to your account and follow the My Internships link in your dashboard. Click the pencil icon on the right.

      • The chain icon leads to your listing as internship seekers will see it
      • The pencil icon allows you to edit your listing
      • The trash icon deletes your listing. Use with caution as this is permanent!


I can find my internship listing, but why doesn’t it appear when I go to the edit page?

If your profile was created before January 1, 2017, it will not show up here. Please register an account (if you haven’t already) and reach out to our support team. Please be sure to include the name of your farm and your username in the email.


Once my internship listing is filled, how do I remove the listing?

There are two ways to remove your listing from the active areas, one that is permanent and one that will allow you to reuse the listing later. To permanently delete the listing, login and go to the My Internships page and then click the garbage can icon. If your position has been filled for the season, but you want keep it for next year, simply click the pencil icon and find the Save Draft button. When you want to update/post/re-enable your listing on the site, login and go to the draft tab on the My Internships page and click the pencil icon.


What if I don’t have the resources to pay?

Please reach out to our support team.