CasaCano Farms LLC

Contact information
Farm Address:

Spokane , Washington , 22967

Primary Contact: Jorge
Secondary Contact: Madyson

Primary Phone:
    Number: 509-999-6932

Secondary Phone

    Number: 509-999-5363




Internship information
General Farm Description: "We are Jorge and Madyson?the farmers behind CasaCano Farms. We do it all: vegetables, eggs, beef, pork, and chicken. We work directly with restaurants, have a booth at the South Perry Farmers Market, and sell directly to customers off of the farm. We are not a CSA farm, but offer memberships to families, giving them access to our produce and meat at our wholesale prices. After graduating from the University of Montana, we moved back to our home city of Spokane to start our farm. Now in our third season, we continue to lease our original 6-acre plot and have also expanded by purchasing 42 acres in 2015 with a USDA loan. We are excited to share our passion with the community and can't wait to keep pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a small farm. "

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4/4/2016
Internship Ends: 10/28/2016
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: 2/29/2016
Minimum Length of Stay: "3 months, beginning April 4th or July 11th. "

Internship Details:

“We are seeking two interns to work with us on the farm full time. As an intern, your main focus will be on vegetable production, with plenty of opportunities to work with livestock also. We are looking for folks who want to work hard, learn about operating a diverse farm, and spend the summer in the northwest.
Details and Responsibilities:
? Work 10+ hours/day Monday-Saturday, with most Sundays off.
? 4 day weekend off in the beginning of July.
? Daily vegetable work including propagating, cultivating, harvesting, washing, and packing.
? Occasional livestock work and chores.
? We expect you to be on time and work until the day's job is done. “

Educational Opportunities: "You will be working with us almost everyday, giving you the opportunity to learn everything that we know and do on the farm. Our personal education and passion is sustainable agriculture, with our focus and conversations shifting throughout the season?everything from soil fertility to market psychology, best crop varieties to humanely raising animals for food. You will be expected to learn a little bit of everything technical throughout the season, including irrigation, crop planning, plant propagation, cultivating, transplanting, marketing, presentation, construction, and all of the other crazy and diverse tasks that simultaneously need attention on the farm. We are very proud of the connections we have made in our community, and to be supplying both chefs and individuals with the high quality food that we grow. Our goal is to share this and all that it takes with you, and that at the end of the season you have a stronger foundation for continuing growing good food, or for any next professional endeavor. "

Skills Desired: "More than anything, we need people who are going to work harder than they have ever worked before. The farm constantly pushes us mentally and physically?everyday is a challenge. You?ll find your time on the farm most successful if you can keep your head up, stay positive, help motivate others, and know how to stay calm when chaos is looming. Other qualities needed are the ability to work independently, learn from observing, work with speed and efficiency, and make quick, in-field decisions. "

Meals: "You will have unlimited access to the same veggies from the farm that we do (essentially what isn't marketable, doesn't sell, or is overproduced). Also, 1 dozen eggs/week and a 25% discount on all of our retail meat cuts. "

Stipend: $100/week

Housing: "On farm, open apartment with individual bedrooms, shared bathroom space w/ shower, and shared outdoor kitchen. Also includes access to washer and dryer, paid utilities and Internet. "

Preferred method of Contact: Email